Free Competitions: Win A Dell Inspiron Duo Touch Screen Tablet PC

If you can't make up your mind between a tablet and a PC, ponder no further!  The Dell Inspiron Duo Touch Screen Tablet PC is supposed to be the best of both worlds and you can win one if you enter this competition.

There are three being given away and all you need to do is enter your details before 18 December to be in with a chance of winning.

Life is always better when there's chocolate in it.

I love chocolate; I used to love any chocolate but my taste has become somewhat refined over the years.  Please don't even think about buying me a bar of Dairy Milk because I'll have to shove it somewhere where you'd really rather I didn't!

Chilli chocolate truffles, made from chocolate SO dark it's almost too bitter, are as basic as I'm prepared to go - so feel free to enter this competition to win a 65-piece box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and then send it to me at the PlayPennies office for Christmas!

Simply enter your details before 18 December.

My husband is coming home, from our home in South Africa, for Christmas and I'm going to whisk him off to Paris for lunch before we both fly back to SA in January.

I've been to lots of far-flung places but I've never been to Paris!

If you haven't either and would like to go courtesy of someone else, then enter this competition.

If you're the lucky winner you'll win a two-night trip to Paris, staying at the stylish Kube Hotel, including Eurostar train travel, breakfast and transfers in a new Citroën DS4.

Enter your details before 7 October - that's this coming Friday - to be in with a chance.

When I'm in the mood to cook, I want to cook with pots and pans that I love; bashed up and beaten pans just make me miserable.

I'm completely in love with my Le Crueset pans and am always on the prowl for bits and pieces to add to my collection, so I'll definitely be entering this competition to win a Le Creuset Tatin dish from their Cerise collection - perfect for creating the perfect Tarte Tatin!

No question to answer for this one either; just hand over your details before 31 October.


Thanks to Dipsy11, hotshothilly and bikermatt at HUKD

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