Discover Wildlife With The Kids : The RSPB Big Wild Sleepout 7th - 9th August

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The RSPB is holding a really exciting event over then next couple of days that looks like a wonderful way of getting children more in touch with wildlife and nature. It's called The Big Wild Sleepout and is being held from the 7th to 9th August, and there are lots of organised events you can go to, or you can take part at home and have your own sleepout in your back garden!

How you take part is up to you. You could pitch a tent, build a shelter or, if the weather's kind, spend a night under the stars.Wherever you live, nature comes alive at night - what will you see, hear and do?

Use our events map to pinpoint an event near you, visit our 'Getting ready' page for tips on camping and activities, or sign up for your free Big Wild Sleepout explorer pack containing all the info you'll need to take part.

If your children can do this they might see or hear owls, foxes, bats or many other creatures that they wouldn't see otherwise. I used to have a badger visit my back garden where I used to live, and it was a bit of a shock the first time I saw him climbing up onto the garden bench to raid the squirrel feeder!

I'm also wondering whether this might be a good idea for children who are scared of the dark, to spend some time with their families and see that there is nothing to be scared of at night time. It's also a good opportunity to try a bit of star gazing, and there are few children who don't find that a wondrous experience.

There's lots of information on the RSPB website about the organised events and about how to take part at home, and it looks like a fantastic idea to me. Here's hoping we have clear skies and the rain stays off so that plenty of us can try the Big Wild Sleepout.

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