School Uniform Back To School Deals @ Aldi

Aldi have popped a bunch of their back to school uniforms and necessities on sale with some fantastic price reductions included. These are part of their special buys for the day today and should be around for a bit, but don't take a chance if you need school essentials at a low price!

You can get two-packs of three-quarter sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts for as little as £2.49, trousers are £1.50 each, knitted cardigans in red are £2.49, short sleeved shirts are £1.99 for a two-pack, and pleated skirts are £1.50 each. That is SO cheap!

A padded jacket is going for £9.99, a pinafore for £3.49. tights are three for £3.99, vests are £2.49 for three, school shoes start at about £6.99, shorts are two for £3.99, swimwear for £2.99, polo shirts for £1.25 for a two-pack and briefs at £1.69 for five. Absolutely brilliant prices in clothing and there are still more in socks and stationary.

Thanks to jensangel at HUKD!

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