Get The Lidl Look With Their New Clothing Collection!

Includes swim shorts, trainers, sliders, socks, t-shirts & more!
Get The Lidl Look With Their New Clothing Collection!

Bargain supermarket, Lidl, has revealed its new clothing line collection with a range of different products including trainers, t-shirts, sliders and socks. The last time this range of merchandise was released back in 2021 it flew off the shelves and people were desperate to get their hands on it!

The low-cost store recently announced that they have brought back their merchandise which will be sold at low prices. The exciting collection features new products including sliders, a pair of trainers, two bright Lidl branded t-shirts, one in red and the other in blue, and sport socks.

Everything in the collection comes in Lidl colours - bright red, blue and yellow - and with their recognisable logo.

The products are now available in stores across the UK. Here is a full list and their prices:

  • Adults’ Lidl Trainers - £14.99
  • Lidl T-shirt - £4.99
  • Adults’ Lidl Sliders - £4.99
  • Men’s Lidl Swim Shorts - £5.99
  • Lidl Sports Socks - £1.99
  • Mini Lidl Ball - £3.49

We expect this range to sell as fast as the one from 2021 with many items being sold on eBay at a much higher price. The collection hit stores today so be sure to go and take a look!


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