Free Delivery on School Clothes From ASDA

Free Delivery on School Clothes From ASDA

Get all your child’s school uniform requirements from the George School Shop at ASDA and if you spend £15, ASDA will deliver the parcel to your door for free! From trousers and shirts to jerseys and footwear ASDA has the right item at the right price!

In my opinion, the only unavoidable things in life are death, taxes and your kids growing out of their clothes every couple of months. Every year I spend a fortune on kitting them out for school and 3 months later I need to buy bigger shirts or shoes because “these ones are too tight”. My Baby Boomer mother suggested I buy clothes two sizes bigger than the kids are now but they end up drowning in their clothes and being uncomfortable (which according to my son means he can’t concentrate in class and is why I’m a guest of his principal’s so often.)

With boys and girls shirts from just £3, skirts and pinafores from just £3 and a wide selection of boys and girls shoes you can order all your kids school  essentials online and have ASDA knocking on your door with your parcel within 5 days. Bargain!!


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