F&F By Tesco To Close & Move To Tesco Direct

F&F By Tesco To Close

Tesco have issued an email this morning alerting customers to the fact that Tesco F&F* is to close online and the clothing range, including school uniform and the embroidery service, will move to Tesco Direct*

According to them it will be "more convenient" with "one shopping basket and a single sign-in" but the more cynical among us may take more note of the paragraph further down :

"Once we bring our sites together, F&F orders will be subject to the same delivery charges as Tesco direct, including a £2 Click+Collect charge for orders under £10 for Delivery Saver customers. A free Click+Collect option is available for orders over £10."

The change isn't happening until around June and Tesco promises to keep us updated. You will still be able to shop the range in store as normal, even after the change.

This comes on the back of their announcement that the last Tesco Boost event will be this month while it's not been that long since the "click and collect" charges were introduced at Tesco Direct.

So, some big changes happening at Tesco this year, will it make you think twice about shopping with them or not?

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  • Jo B.

    Tesco might as well close, turning to shit

  • Beverley H.

    I was upset that I still had to pay to collect in person. There wasn't much difference in delivering it instead. Feels like a rip off!

  • Lola R.

    First clubcard points double ups and now clothing... Something tells me Tesco may be in a bit of financial trouble..

  • Angela M.

    Still stupid as i like to look before i buy

  • Jasmine I.


  • Rachel W.

    is this true :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: xx

  • Linsey B.

    To be honest I've been wanting to change for a while and this just spurred me on

  • Fiona S.

    Damn :rolling_eyes:

  • Leanne G.

    Nearly all tesco jobs are advertised as temp too...hope they are not in difficulty as I like Tesco.

  • Lizzie M.


  • Julie B.

    Well think I'm going to start shopping at Asda. What with the double points going, and now this.

  • Lukipelli

    Tesco has been on the decline for a while but I think this may be the final straw for most. 

  • Helen G.

    I think if you are a delivery saver and have a plan for grocery delivery you get the click n collects free too x

  • Penny B.

    Is it wrong...if you really object to paying the click and collect, just order over the £10, and she u collect it get a refund on whatever you ordered to push it over £10 :blush:

  • linda1960

    how do I change from f&f to Tesco direct I used to get an email to tell me about new arrivals and sales.

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