Tesco Announces It's Final Clubcard Boost Event

Tesco Announces Final Clubcard Boost

Tesco has today announced the dates of it's next Clubcard Boost Event coming in May, along with the news that this will be the last one.

Clubcard Boost events are hugely popular with Tesco shoppers with many saving their vouchers up through the year to double up their value to help with Christmas presents or shopping. This will now no longer be happening.

The final Clubcard Boost will be from 16th May until 26th June, with the next set of clubcard vouchers being sent by mail or online, depending on your preferences, in mid May.

If you are a Christmas Saver then you have the option of carrying on saving your vouchers as normal though they will not be doubled up at Christmas, or if you opt out by 5th May then you can instead take part in this last Clubcard Boost event. Instructions on how to do that are on the link below.

The company say that they are ending the offer due to customer feedback, and they say they will replacing the scheme with a new offer.

"We've listened to what customers want from the scheme and heard that it needs to be simpler to understand and easier to use. Ending Boost at Tesco means that we can focus on a simpler approach that's appealing to everyone and which customers can benefit from when they want, not just at certain times of the year.

"We want you to get the best out of your vouchers throughout the whole year, not just at certain times so we are reinvesting in more ways to earn points, like double points events, and making our Boost Partners offer even better. You can already get up to four times the value of your vouchers when you boost them with our Partners online, at a time that suits you."

I quite liked using the Boost for days out vouchers and tend to use mine in the Spring for that so that we can get a free day out, so it's good news that the scheme will still continue in that way. However, like many I saved up vouchers in the second half of the year and always got Christmas presents with them so I am hugely disappointed that this will no longer be offered.

I know that Clubcard benefits are exactly that, but messing with a loyalty scheme when there's so much competition about seems to be a risky move. Add that to the Click and Collect charge that was recently introduced and Tesco is hitting it's loyal customers hard.

What do you think? Will this make you rethink your shopping habits, or will you be sticking with Tesco?

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  • Steph B.

    looks like there stopping it :( cx

  • Sarah K.

    Well I'm glad I've got 30+ for this one then! Gutted it's gona be the last one!

  • Rachel B.

    Aww no way :( xx

  • Michelle S.


    • Sian B.

      :thumbsdown_tone1::thumbsdown_tone1::thumbsdown_tone1: I know I received a letter about it this morning- booo hooo!

  • Lysa P.

    Crazy there stopping it

  • Lisa W.

    No way! :cry:

    • Gemma C.

      I got a letter this morning :see_no_evil:

  • Anna S.

    Are they stopping the eat out 4 X aswell?

    • guest

      We're making changes to our Tesco Clubcard scheme so that you can get more value out of Clubcard all year round, when and where you want.

      Therefore, our Boost at Tesco event this May will be the last where you can double your voucher value in store and online.

      In the coming months, we'll be doing more to help you get the most out of the scheme, such as double points events to help grow your points balance faster and improving our Boost Partners offer, where you can already get up to four times the value of your vouchers. We'll update you with more details on this soon.

    • Darren M.

      Thats cut and pasted from their faq's..it seems that the 4x eating out and days out are still ok

    • Anna S.

      Ah thanks, can't lose the pizza express vouchers :-)

  • Danielle G.

    They are not doing very well so I'm guessing this is one of the ways to try and scrape back some money

  • Fay P.

    This sucks! :rage:

  • Nikki C.


  • Terean A.

    Yeah cutting bk and customers lose out again

  • Samantha C.

    looks like we're doing the Xmas shopping super early this year :scream:

  • Kathryn F.

    May is the last one, gonna get my vouchers and start shopping at Aldi hahaha

  • Emma V.

    Omg have you seen this:(

    • Susan V.

      Emma that's if you double up in store but I use them for 3 or 4 times online!

  • Terri J.

    :disappointed: will have to make use of vouchers in May!

  • Leanne H.

    I'm so glad I didn't order it last night! X

  • Tina M.

    Opt out by 5th May:worried:

  • Alan F.

    Oh well, had to end sometime....less Tesco shops for us now Morrison's it is

  • Hayley O.

    set your reminder x

  • Kaye S.

    last boost ever apparently :confused:

  • Linsey B.

    What a shame

  • Lynsey W.


    • Jaime M.

      Just opened the letter! :disappointed: may change my shopping habits now!

  • Susan F.

    WHAAAAATTT????? That's coz they're making a loss isn't it I bet.... oh well I did well last Xmas!! Thanks Ruth xx

  • Colon

    People really are ... dense.

  • Claire M.

    Ah that's rubbish.

  • Pete P.

    Time to start shopping somewhere else

  • Rebecca D.


  • Amy L.

    Noooooooooo x

  • Lee A.

    Please tell me this isn't so! :disappointed_relieved:

  • Sarah R.

    we should think about legoland tickets

  • Kara J.

    I've got 300 points all ready woop xx

  • Kelly A.

    I've had a letter about it today. Best get booking some meal vouchers :pensive:

  • Miriam N.

    I know :open_mouth: is awful news for my Christmas shopping. But it does mean I will be more inclined to shop at Asda now. So they've shot themselves in the foot that way, huh, because that was the only reason I wasn't migrating over to them.

  • Veronica P.

    I think that if you look at the website etc though they are actually running their events year long or so says the faq bit. Just changing the way in which they operate it rather than scrapping it entirely.

  • Rhona S.

    That a shame they're changing it. They better not stop the exchanges at restaurants etc. I use mine for that and science centre, cinema etc.

  • Tracy B.

    i wouldn't be surprised if they stop it all

  • Rhona S.

    Oh don't, love our meals at Prezzo, Zizzi etc

  • Lauren M.

    That's rubbish, I'm in the Christmas club so can't boost mine this year. Might have been handy to know at the start of the year!

    • Lynn M.

      if you opt out before 5th may you will get them for the last double up.

    • Lauren M.

      Ooh thanks!

    • Lynn M.

      i was saving mine up but tesco confirmed it on there facebook page if you opt out by then you will get them in time

    • Lauren M.

      Great, I'll have a look on the website to see if I need anything. Don't even know how much I have! Thanks for the info.

  • Miriam N.

    They are pushing for you to use their 4x with partner companies but the distances are to far and the deals have never suited me.

  • Victoria G.

    another way to take off people yay...I think they're taking the piss in some areas, the click and collect now charge. Is it me or is it daft to pay to pick up your stuff and use you petrol when you can pay a pound more and get it to the door?.

  • Joanne M.

    I mind you saying you stash yours for Xmas X

  • Irene H.

    Oh ok X

  • Shani P.

    This is so rubbish!!!

  • Jenny J.

    So I can still opt online to save them for Xmas and they will double up at Xmas? X

    • Lynn M.

      no may is the last time for them to double up. if you keep them for xmas you will only get what you have saved. x

    • Jenny J.

      OK thankyou xx

  • Becca I.

    read this

  • Sarah D.

    If they're stopping the double up at Christmas are they making there everyday prices cheaper? :eyes:

  • Sonia S.

    Can't believe this is the last time they are doing the boost :see_no_evil: xx

  • Lesley C.

    What do you do???

    • Loretta D.

      You can double up only until May I know you save yours until Christmas :frowning:

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