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Have we got the TV advert song playing in your head just by mentioning Cuddleuppets?

Well these cute and cuddly toys are reduced at Bargain Max from between £14.99 - £19.99 down to just £5.99, which is a really great price. Amazon have them for around £11 - £12, so even with the delivery charge of £1.49 it's still loads cheaper to buy from Bargain Max.

The three Cuddleuppets they have at this price are the Pink Poodle, the Yellow Dog and the White Unicorn, which are three of the best selling in the range.

If you have managed to avoid the TV ad (aren't you the lucky one) Cuddleuppets are a blanket and a toy puppet in one, that children can wrap around them for a snuggle, and then make 'talk' by using the puppet head.

They actually look really sweet, and for young children they would make a really great present. Who wouldn't want a warm blanket that they can play with too when it's this cold and wintry?

Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD.

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