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Husha Byebaby Husha Byebaby have a buy one get one free offer running on a whole range of Baby Buds products.

Baby Buds is a range of baby products, using 100% natural ingredients , essential oils and many organic ingredients.  Items in the BOGOF offer are:

  • Baby Bum Balm - £11.44, this natural balm is loaded with organic beeswax to create a barrier between baby's skin and the contents of the nappy, preventing irritation and discomfort.
  • Baby Head to Toe Cleanser - £8.83, has no harsh ingredients and harmful chemicals drying out or damaging their skin.
  • Baby Massage Oil - £9.35, perfect for sensitive newborns and great for aromatherapy massage if you want to experiment with essential oils for your baby.
  • Blooming Belly Cream - £21.93, is fantastic for minimising stretch marks.
  • Frost Defence - £8.09, Use this jojoba oil, sunflower oil and shea butter suffused balm to create a moisturising and defensive barrier on exposed skin durintg the winter months.
  • Nursing Salve - £8.95, is a unique cross between a balm and a gel featuring bio actives such as Inca Inchi and aroleat lavanda.
  • Newborn Cream - £9.35, this nourishing cream will hydrate, protect and shelter your newborn's delicate skin.

Delivery is by Royal Mail, and costs £3.50

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