Where To Buy SelfieMic Selfie Stick In The UK Christmas 2016

11 October 2016
Where To Buy SelfieMic Selfie Stick UK 2016

You want to know where the SelfieMic Selfie Stick is in stock right now in the UK, don't you?

Well, happy news. You've come to the right place.

The links below will show you where it's currently in stock and also where has the best prices.

The SelfieMic Selfie Stick is one of this year's must-have Christmas toys. And you know what that means - popularity pushes up the price of these toys so that getting your mitts on them can prove truly tricky.

Bookmark this article now to keep track of where the SelfieMic Selfie Stick is in stock when you're ready to buy, and make sure you don't pay over the odds!

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What is the SelfieMic Selfie Stick?

The SelfieMic Selfie Stick is bound to be a big hit with budding music stars. It's an adjustable selfie stick that comes complete with working microphone, earpiece and a free app, which lets you create your own music videos.

You can use it to sing, lip sync and perform to thousands of your favourite songs – and even create music videos on your own or with friends.

Can you imagine the fun that could be had with this, come Christmas Day?!

The manufacturer's recommended age for this item is 8-16 years. But you totally know Aunty Helen won't be able to resist the chance to get her hands on it...

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