Vtech Media Desktop Computer £18.74 @ Argos

Vtech Media Desktop Computer £18.74 @ Argos


The Vtech Media Desktop Computer is down from £74.99 to only £18.74 at Argos right now. That’s a huge saving for a piece of kit that is packed with all sorts of educational marvels. A great saving for a fabulous Christmas gift.

The Vtech Media Desktop has 60 games and activities included and these include English, French, Maths, Science and social skills. I am dying to know what the social skill games are – the idea amuses me greatly.

You can get connect it to the internet via a PC, plug in an MP3 player to listen to music while playing games, and learn all about important things at the same time. I am not a fan of the incredibly small screen though.

This is a complaint I’ve had about all the Vtech laptops, actually, including the one we got for our child. The screen is barely visible in certain lights and I can’t understand why you would create a laptop with such a ridiculously bad view. It’s not like a decent sized screen is an impossible technology nowadays.

So, if you don’t mind the bad viewing angle and colour-free screen, then this is a great deal. However, you will have to arrange to reserve and collect instore as delivery items are out of stock.

Thanks to bitsandbobsbuyer at HUKD!


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  • IanP
    Looks as useful as an ipad and a bit cheaper