Toy Story 1, 2, 3 DVD Box Set £12 @ HMV

Fancy buying the entire Toy Story series for only £12 including free delivery? Well, that’s exactly what HMV are offering right now as you can buy the entire set in one three DVD box set for only £12.

You all know the story, right? In Toy Story we meet Woody and Buzz for the first time and we watch as the rivalry between them leads to an array of adventures and mayhem. It was utterly brilliant and ground-breaking when it was released and still makes you laugh to this day.

Toy Story 2 saw the first bad guy and the toys teaming up to save the day. It was also where the gorgeous Jessie appeared and completely won Buzz’s heart. And finally, in Toy Story 3 our toys have been forgotten and abandoned and must now find their way to a new home, but have to do battle with a bear that smells of strawberries first…

Thanks to mattvilla at HUKD!

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