Top Christmas Toys 2018

Will these be on your child's Christmas wishlist?
Top Christmas Toys 2018

Each year there are top toys for Christmas that every child has on their Christmas wishlist, and sometimes they're very hard to get hold of! You can expect new toys from big brands like L.O.L. Surprise, Lego, Fingerlings, Shopkins and more, plus lots of new toy names to get the kids all excited.

Here are our pick of the must-have top toys for Christmas 2018 in the UK, plus where to buy them at the best price:

1. L.O.L. Bigger Surprise, RRP £84.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

The biggest L.O.L. Surprise of them all, this new Bigger Surprise contains more than 60 prizes to discover, with exclusive dolls and accessories. It's already proving to be a big seller, so if it's on your child's wish list don't leave it to the last minute.

Available from The Entertainer* £84.99, Smyths* £84.99 and Amazon* £84.99.

2. Crate Creatures, RRP £39.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Crate Creatures are cute toy monsters that you have to break out of their crate to meet your monster friend. They're interactive toys with a motion sensor that will react as you move them around, plus sound effects, movements and glowing eyes.

Available at The Entertainer* £31.99, Argos* £39.99 andSmyths £31.99.

3. Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand, RRP £24.99

Top Christmas Toys 2018

These wonderful new Harry Potter Training Wands will recognise movements to know when spells have been cast correctly following the spell book instructions, plus they have lights and sounds as well! There are three wands to choose from, Harry's, Dunbledore's or even Lord Voldemort's!

Available at Amazon*£17.99, Smyths*£17.99, Argos* £24.99, Very* £24.99.

4. Baby Shark Toys, RRP £15 - £25

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

An Entertainer Toys exclusive, this new collection of talking soft toys and moving toys feature the family of sharks from the viral You Tube song sensation. These will have you singing 'Baby Shark' constantly.... for months and months...

Available at The Entertainer*.

5. Pomsies, RRP £17.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Pomsies are super cute fluffy creatures that warp around your child's wrist so that they can take their pom-pom pet everywhere with them. They have eyes that will light up and change colour with their 'mood', and they have interactive sounds, and even a dance mode too. There's a choice of six to collect, plus both The Entertainer and Smyths Toys have an extra and exclusive character.

Available at The Entertainer* £18, Smyths* £17.99,Argos* £17.99 and Amazon* from £14.39.

6. Orb Slimy Elasi Plast, RRP £16.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

It's not slime as we know it! Orb Slimy Elasti Plasti is a brand new, non-sticky, super soft plastic for kids to play with. It can expand up to 100 times it's size, and you can blow enormous bubbles, plus it will make wack, slappy sound effects.

Available at The Entertainer* £13 and Amazon* £12.99.

7. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall, RRP £89.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

This huge new addition to the Lego Harry Potter range is seriously impressive, and is packed with features and details to recreate Hogwarts. It's got a 4 level tower with a movable staircase, loads of accessories and ten minifigures.

Available from Amazon* £80.99, Lego Shop* £89.99 and John Lewis and Partners*.

8. Gravitrax Starter Set, RRP £49.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Gravitrax is a reinvention of the classic marble run with way more new and exciting features. Kids can use their imagination to build tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling, and it's ideal to teach kids about gravity, magnetism, and kinetic energy though fun play. There's an app to help you design, and it can also let you see the action from the ball's viewpoint with a VR viewer.

Available from The Entertainer* £39.99, Amazon* £39.99, Smyths* £39.99 and Argos* £49.99.

9. Air Hogs Supernova, RRP £39.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

The Air Hogs Supernova is a remote controlled flying sphere that you control with a wave of your hand! Children can pass it between them, and there are more than 30 tricks and stunts to master as it uses it's motion sensitive lights and sensors to respond to your commands.

Available at Amazon* £29.99, The Entertainer* £34.99, Argos* £34.99, and Smyths* £29.99.

10. Barbie Ultimate Kitchen Playset, RRP £49.99

Top Christmas Toys 2018

This is the latest must-have toy for Barbie fans, as the Ultimate Kitchen Playset has everything kids need to cook up a pretend feast! You get a chef Barbie, a large kitchen playset for her to use with lights and sounds, loads of kitchen appliances and accessories, and even play dough and moulds to make play food!

Available at Amazon* £36.99, The Entertainer* £39.99, Argos*£44.99.

11. Fortnite Monopoly, RRP £26.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Could this be the Christmas family board game? Probably if the gamers in the house have their way! Fortnite Monopoly is a special limited edition of the classic board game, but with a twist to make it themed like the hit video game Fortnite. Just like the video game the objective is to be the last person standing, and the properties are named after locations in the game so you can buy Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot, Flush Factory and more.

Available at Amazon* £21.99, The Entertainer* £22, Forbidden Planet* £22.99 and IWOOT* £26.99.

12. Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise, RRP £49.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn magically poops slime when you feed her and sit her on the glitter potty. She'll make a surprise slime every time she goes to the loo, and there are 20 different combos to create with the unicorn magic and sparkle packets.

Available at Argos* £49.99, The Entertainer* £49.99 and Smyths*.

13. Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, RRP £69.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

This year's big must-have toy for Paw Patrol fans is a Rescue Fire Truck, complete with 2ft extendable ladder, lights and sirens, and a firing 'water cannon'.

Available at Amazon* £49.99, The Entertainer* £49.99, Argos* £59.99, Smyths* £49.99, Asda George* £50.

14. Myla The Magical Make Up Unicorn, RRP £49.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Myla The Magical Make Up Unicorn is an interactive toy with touch sensors on her back which enables her to so she can tell you your lucky colour and a prediction for the day. Children can sing along with Myla using her magical microphone and use her magic make up brush and make up palette to transform her look. Apply the make up palette to her horn, eyes, and wings and watch and they will magically light up. Myla comes with 5 accessories and is suitable for ages 5 years upwards.

Available from Argos* £44.99 and Smyths* £39.99.

15. Playstation Classic Mini, RRP £89.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

The PlayStation Classic Mini is a new miniaturised version of the original PlayStation console, and comes with 20 classic games pre-installed. The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring the same controllers and similar packaging. It might be more wanted by the adults than the children, but we can see families doing a little retro gaming together on this one.

Available at Game* £89.99, Amazon* £89.99 and ShopTo* £89.96.

16. Rainbocorns, RRP £24.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Rainbocorns are soft toys that come in bright rainbow eggs. Hatch them out and rub the reversible sequins on their bellies to reveal magical surprise. There are lots of plush toys that you can collect like the Unicorn, Bunnycorn, Kittycorn, Hamstercorn and Puppycorn. Inside there's a baby booboocorns hiding - the ultimate prize is to find the rare twins.

Available at Smyths* £19.99, Very* £24.99 and Argos* £24.99.

17. Chow Crown Game, RRP £24

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

This looks like a ton of fun for the whole family, and a definite contender for the Christmas game. It's a musical, spinning crown with hanging forks (bear with me..) and you attach food to them. You take it in turns to wear the crown and try and eat food as it spins, the winner is the one who manages to eat the most! Much hilarity will ensue.

Available at Smyths* £14.99, Amazon* £14.99, Argos* £23.99 and The Entertainer* £16.

18. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express, RRP £75

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Here's another must-have new Harry Potter Lego set that lets you build your very own Lego version of the Hogwarts Express Train and Platform 9 3/4. With more than 800 pieces and five minifigures this should keep Potter fans very busy building.

Available at Lego Shop* £74.99, Amazon* £74.99Argos* £74.99 and Smyths* £73.99.

19. L.O.L. Surprise House, RRP £184.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

This is the ultimate toy for the L.O.L. Surprise fan, as it's a 3 storey house with more than 85 surprises and exclusive dolls. The hefty price tag isn't putting people off, as it sells out as soon as more stock arrives!

Keep an eye on these stockists for new deliveries: Smyths*, Amazon*, Argos*, Very*.

20. Grumblies, RRP £19.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Grumblies are soft, fluffy interactive toys... somewhere between a Furby and a FurReal toy gone bad. They aren't adorable in anyway, which means the kids will go wild for them. Press them and hear them fart, shake them and watch them have a meltdown where they shake and grumble. The kids can poke, shake, tilt and roll them, and watch them become more angry. Each Grumblies features more than 40 different reactions/sounds.

Available at Smyths* £16.99.

21. My Lovely Unicorn 12v Ride-On, RRP £230

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

The Feber My Lovely Unicorn 12V Ride-On is a battery operated toy made by that can be ridden with it's reins like a real pony. It has a lights and sounds magic horn, and can be groomed and petted as well as ridden or led by the reins. It's for ages three and over, has wide wheels and easy grip handles, with a maximum user weight of 30kg.

Available from Argos* £189.99, Asda* £190, and Very* £189.99.

22. Fortnite Funko Pop, RRP £10.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Funko Pop make cute collectables for loads of movies, tv shoes, comic book characters, and now game characters too. They have a distinctive cartoony cute look with oversized bobble heads, and new Fortnite character designs have just been released.

Available atThe Entertainer* £10, IWOOT* £10.99, Zavvi* £10.99 and Smyths* £9.99.

23. Hairdorables, RRP £14.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Hairdorables are a little like L.O.L. Surprise, in that you get a mystery doll and accessories in each one, and there are lots to collect. Children can pull, peel and reveal 11 surprises to find out which Hairdorables girl is inside each pack. Each poseable doll has thick, shiny and colourful hair for brushing and styling, and they come with mix-and-match outfits, including a comb, shoes, 2 fashion accessories, stickers, collector list, and signature card.

Available at Argos* £14.99, Very* £14.99, Amazon* £12.95 and Smyths* £14.99.

24. Fingerlings Untamed Dinos T-Rex, RRP £17

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Fingerlings Monkeys were so hard to get hold of last Christmas, but this year it's all about Fingerlings Untamed Dinos! Just like the original moneys these will respond to touch with their own movements and sounds. The raptors have been out a while now, but new for Christmas 2018 are the Untamed T-Rex toys, and we think those are going to even more popular.

Available at The Entertainer* £15, Argos* £14.99, Smyths* £14.99 and Amazon* £15.

25. Pie Face Cannon, RRP £26.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Each year sees a new version of the ever popular Pie Face Game, and this year it's Pie Face Cannon! You put your face through the mask, your opponent fires the 'pie' at your face with the cannon, and you try and block it with the hand so you don't get pied!

Available atVery* £20.24, Smyths* £9.99 (currently oos), Argos* £26.99 and Asda* £26.97.

26. Boxer Interactive Robot Buddy, RRP £79.99

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Boxer is an interactive robot friend for children, that will react to hand movements and respond with funny expressions and sounds. There are 10 activity cards included so that kids can play games with him, like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot or Go Kart that he'll play by scanning the card, and there are more games available with the Boxer app. Boxer can also express a full range of emotions, from happiness to sadness and grumpiness to sleepiness.

Available at Argos* £64.99, Smyths* £46.99, Amazon* £46.99 and The Entertainer* £64.99.

27. Fuggler: Funny Ugly Monster, RRP £15 / £25

(UF) Top Christmas Toys 2018

Fuggler toys are already selling out, and they're tipped to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas despite their ugly appearance. They have mismatched button eyes, and a gnarly toothy grin filled with human-like teeth to creep you out! Parents might hate this one, but older kids will probably love them. Medium retails for around £15, with large around £25.

Available at Argos*, Hamleys* and The Entertainer*.

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