Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Plus our guide to the best Christmas Jumpers for babies, children, adults, matching family jumpers, maternity, plus size and more...

Christmas Jumpers 2018

Christmas jumpers are a festive fashion must-have, and now no December wardrobe is complete without a bright, bold winter jumper. If your Christmas jumper from 2017 is looking a little past it's best we can help you find the perfect replacement, no matter what you're looking for.

Top Christmas Jumper Offers:

Half Price Christmas Jumper Sale @ Marks and Spencer* Prices now from £5, includes childrens and adults Christmas jumpers.

Asda Christmas Jumper Sale* Now from £3.50:

Kids Christmas Jumper Sale @ Asda George:

Women's Christmas Jumper Sale @ Asda George:

Men's Christmas Jumper Sale @ Asda George:

Other Top Christmas Jumper Offers:

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018:

Here's our pick of the absolute best Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018, then scroll down for our ultimate Christmas Jumper guide for the whole family...

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Red Gin Slogan Light Up Christmas Jumper* £18 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Blue Festive Scene Dinosaur Christmas Jumper* from £8 and Blue Shark Snow Scene Christmas Jumper* was from £8 now £5.50 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Fortnite Christmas Jumper, available in adults & children's sizes. Pre-order at Game* or Amazon*.

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Jumper* £16 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Reinbeer Slogan Knitted Christmas Jumper* £16 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Red Sparkly Unicorn Christmas Sweatshirt* from £7 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Customisable Christmas Tree Jumper* £25 @ Marks and Spencer

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Matching T-Rex Christmas Jumpers for Men* £18 and Boys* from £10, both @ Peacocks

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Reindeer Christmas Jumpers: Women's*, Mens*, Older Kids*, Younger Kids*, all @ Matalan (20% off until 5th December)

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Women's Harry Potter Christmas Jumper* £18 @ Boohoo

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

My First Christmas Jumper* £8 @ Asda George

Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

IWOOT Movie & TV Christmas Sweatshirts: Back To The Future*, Jaws*, Jaws Great White Christmas*, Rainbow*, all £24.99 each @ IWOOT

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Bump's First Christmas Maternity Top* £24 @ JoJo Maman Bebe

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

I'm Only A Morning Person On Dec 25th Sweatshirt* £24.99 @ IWOOT

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Snoopy Fairisle Christmas Dog Jumper (red or green* £10 @ Boohoo

Christmas Jumpers

If none of those Top 20 Christmas Jumpers are quite right we have the ultimate guide to Christmas Jumpers 2018 for you too. Here you'll find more xmas jumpers for children, adults, babies and toddlers, maternity, matching family Christmas jumpers, plus size, star wars, funny Christmas jumpers, and even some for the dog too. Read on for more...

Matching Family Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

We love the trend for matching Christmas everything, and as well as family pyjamas and matching dresses for mum and daughter you can get LOTS of matching family and couples Christmas jumpers! Here's some of our faves:

Kids Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

There are SO many Christmas jumper choices for kids. Go with classic, funny, cute, or even dinos, llamas and unicorns! Feast your eyes on this lot:

Women's Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Women's Christmas jumpers come in a really wide variety of styles, as you can get smart, classic fairisle and winter themed wooly jumpers, funny ones, tv and movie themed, and also trends like llamas, pugs and unicorns. Here's the best of what's out there right now, and as more great ones are released they'll be added here.

Baby & Toddler Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Oh the cuteness! Babies and toddlers look so sweet in festive knitwear, and you'll have trouble choosing just one from this mix of santas, snowmen, reindeer and more.

Men's Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Guys, we hope you're liking the novelty jumper trend, as there's way more of those than the classic fairisle styles around this year. For fun value for money styles try Asda, or for more unusual gaming, tv and movie themes head to IWOOT. Here's our favourites:

Funny Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Oh blimey. Looking for 'funny' Christmas jumpers depends entirely on your sense of humour, so this is a tricky one! For fun, cheeky slogans try Not On The High Street, and for weird, wonderful and wacky it's eBay or Amazon. And Trump jumpers ('trumpers'?) are everywhere...

Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

For the biggest choice of Star Wars Christmas Jumpers* head to IWOOT or Zavvi*. You can also find Star Wars Christmas Jumpers at Asda and Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's. Here are our favourites:

Maternity Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

There's a bigger selection of maternity Christmas jumpers every year, and the ones on sale so far are gorgeous! If you have little ones as well as the one on the way check out JoJo Maman Bebe for matching family jumpers to go with your maternity one!

Plus Size Christmas Jumpers

(UF) Christmas Jumpers 2018

The usual plus-size stockists like Evans, Simply Be, New Look Curve, Dorothy Perkins stock a good range of Christmas jumpers, and remember that some Asda women's clothing goes up to a size 22 or 24, so they are also a good option as well as the plus-size specialist ranges.

Christmas Jumpers For Dogs

(UF) Top 20 Christmas Jumpers 2018

Make you pooch ready for the festivities with these cute and cuddly knits, and if you're after the bargain B&M ones (from just £2.99!) better be quick as they'll sell out fast at that price!

Asda Christmas Jumpers

Asda* are one of the most affordable stores for Christmas Jumpers* with prices from just £5, and they also have one of the biggest selections to choose from too. They sell xmas jumpers for adults, babies and children, plus maternity too. Here are some of our favourites:

Matalan Christmas Jumpers

Matalan* have a great selection of Christmas jumpers for children, adults and also maternity xmas jumpers too. More are being added all the time, and here are our favourites so far:

Next Christmas Jumpers

Next* have just launched their Christmas shop* online, and it's packed with some wonderful Christmas jumpers* for the whole family (even including the dog!). Here's some of our favourites:

Peacocks Christmas Jumpers

Peacocks* have a great range of xmas jumpers for the whole family, right from babies up to adults, and their prices are great too. Here's some of our favourites:

Primark Christmas Jumpers

Primark* have a great selection of Christmas Jumpers* for the whole family in store, and prices start from a crazy £3! You can browse the selection online here*, but as stocks sell out almost as soon as they hit the shelves it might be just as well to just head on down to the shop! You can expect llamas, unicorns, pugs, dinosaurs and lots more festive faves.

New Look Christmas Jumpers

New Look* have some fab Christmas jumpers this year, both for men and women. Here's some of our favourites:

Main image: JoJo Maman Bebe*


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