Stickman Fleece Pyjamas From £10 @ Tu Clothing

Stickman Fleece Pyjamas From £10

There's plenty of gorgeous Gruffalo* merchandise around these days, but if your kids are more into Stickman these new Stickman Fleece Pyjamas from Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's are perfect! They're new in and priced from £10 a pair.

These will keep your little one comfy and cosy as they're soft and fleecy pyjamas featuring Stickman on the top along with a line from the book, and a repeating Stickman pattern on the trousers.

They come in sizes from 1 year up t 6 years, and prices are from £10 up to £12 depending on the size. Forget the fact that they are in the boys clothing section, as I think plenty of girls would love to wear them too.

Stickman pyjamas could be perfect for the Christmas Eve box with the festive theme of the book and the appearance of Santa, and if this is one of their favourite Christmas books it's a must buy!

If you order online click and collect is free but there's a £15 minimum spend to qualify, or home delivery charges are from £3.95.


  • Stacey B.

    Seen them, def be buying them x

  • Sara P.

    Aww they are cute :heart_eyes: he deserves them xx

  • Danielle H.

    £10 a pair but they cute

  • Kerrie J.

    Ooh he’s seen the film xx

  • Chloe V.

    Brought these for my son already, they will not disappoint!! So cute and cosy!!

  • Pam H.

    Noah’s got them and they are beautiful really warm .. x

  • Emma-Louise M.

    the jammies are soooo cute! Just seen the top too :heart_eyes:. Think I'll need to visit Sainsbury's. We read Stanley's Stick tonight funnily enough. My boy+a stick=true love :joy::joy::joy:

  • Angie B.

    A stick is food for the imagination.x

  • Charlotte B.

    I might get them love the look of them xx

  • Karen L.

    I bought these today!!! Haha! He loves them and they are lovely and soft xx

  • Helen W.

    Oh they're cute!! Alfie would love them ha xx

  • Kathryn M.

    He's got the exact ones but in gruffalo!! They're his favourite ones and he's nearly out of them!! I'm defo going to go get them!!

  • Laura G.

    Yeh there fleecy though which im unsure of cos boys get too warm

  • Angela K.

    Yep will get a pair ordered!

  • Kayleigh F.

    Thankyou, might get him some :blush: xx

  • Anna M.

    Aaah they should do girl ones...we watched it before :smile:. Ive looked for girl gruffalo ones too but never found any :persevere: xx

  • Dawn G.

    Aww I love this :heart_eyes: only problem is charlie has caught on that I buy him these things because I love them not because he does haha xx

  • Boo R.

    Haha!! Mick Man!! We still watch it 3 times a day!!

  • Dawn B.

    Stick man is one of our very favourites!!!!! These are ace, thanks so much!

  • Emma C.

    Wow, he would love them! Will have to go take a look, thanks x

  • Lorna L.

    My girls love the stickman story :heart_eyes:

  • Tracy K.

    Yes he loves stick man he would love these Jim jams xx

  • Rachel J.

    Awww he would love these xx

  • Charlotte B.

    I'm going to get some now winter is here she will love them xx

  • Dianna H.

    These are so cute :heart_eyes: xx

  • Jayne B.

    Oh my god!! Oscars stick man ones from last year are too small.....! Need new ones! :kissing_heart:

  • Charlene M.

    My sons have these they are lovely and super cosy, the top is fluffy/fleecy and the bottoms are velour :slight_smile:

  • Kayleigh F.

    Aww thankyou, he will love it xxx

  • Kerry B.

    They're amazing - he's got his Gruffalo ones on tonight like these :heart_eyes:

  • Melanie W.

    Aw there lovely sam would love them x

  • Maureen S.

    Stick man not my favourite, I'm more Room on the Broom! :-) xx

  • Emma C.

    Aww I wonder if they have my size :heart::heart::heart:

  • Sarah P.

    I really, really love these!! Xx

  • Louisa B.

    I see these in Sainsbury's today so cute xxx

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