Spears Games Stack-em Action Game For £3.97 @ Tesco Direct

Spears Games Stack-em Action Game For £3.97 @ Tesco Direct

The Spears Stack-em Action Game is loads of fun for the whole family. We have a different version of this game and it goes on every holiday and gets played for hours! Tesco are selling the Spears Stack-em game for £3.97. The game was originally £7.00 so you’re saving £3.03, lovely.

This game is awesome! As I’ve said it comes on just about every holiday with us and is great for those game days when the weather is too miserable to go outside. It helps a lot with hand-eye coordination too. It’s really simple, all you do is start with the stack already built and each player in turn pulls a wooden block from one of the lower layers and stacks it on top, the idea obviously is not to let the stack fall and trust me it’s harder than it looks!

Alternatively you can play by taking it in turns to build the stack from the bottom up, making a huge tower with the wooden blocks.

It’s great to get all family members of all ages involved and whichever way you choose to build and play with the blocks is up to you. It’s a must have for all families!


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