Rocket Dog Rourke Women's Shoes Was £35.00 Now £15.00 @ Cloggs

Online shoe store Cloggs has a pretty decent sale on right now. In particular, I am seriously tempted to treat myself to these rather lovely black 'Rourke' shoes by Rocket Dog, reduced from £35.00 to £15.00.

I love Rocket Dog shoes, and these babies strike me as pretty much the perfect pair of pumps for the school run. They're flat enough to prevent neck-breakage when you realise you're cutting it fine and are going to have to sprint to the school gates yet again, but the cute Mary-Jane-style T-bar strap means they won't go flying off your feet and maim small children as you go. Plus they're black so they'll go with everything. They also have a pretty flower print insole, which is kind of meaningless, I realise, since no-one's going to see that when you're wearing them, but I always think there's something quaint about patterned insoles. They're like the shoe equivalent of good underwear - no-one else knows it's there but you do, and that gives you a lovely smug glow, doesn't it. No? Just me then?

Oh well. More lovely shoes for me, then!

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  • Steerpike
    Thanks for the tip-off - this will make a nice extra Christmas present. Use promo code SAVOCT for an extra 15% off.

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