​Polly Pocket Advent Calendar £19.99 @ Amazon

Pre-order yours now!
​Polly Pocket Advent Calendar £19.99 @ Amazon

This is going to prove to be one of the bestselling Advents of 2021, don't say I didn't warn you. If you want one then head over to Amazon where you can pre-order the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar for just £19.99 and it'll arrive around it's release date of 14th September which is tomorrow.

Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

The Polly Pocket Advent Calendar has 25 doors to open in the lead up to Christmas and contains a total of 34 play pieces in it.

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The calendar has a snowy theme and is a great way to countdown to the festivities. Your child will discover a Polly Pocket surprise behind each door with stuff like family micro dolls, snow play vehicles, toy treats, wearable jewelery, a horse, a husky dog, a rabbit, two penguins and much more!

Delivery is free of charge for Amazon Prime members. Those of you without Prime can skip the delivery fees by topping up your order to £20 or more with something like this Sim Card*.


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