PlayPennies Exclusive: Cookbook For Children £8.99 @ Reader’s Digest

14 November 2011

We recently got this ace exclusive PlayPennies discount from Reader’s Digest, just in time for Christmas, and this isn’t the only one either, we have two other lovely discounts waiting for you tomorrow and in December. This book, the Cookbook for Children, has been reduced by Reader’s Digest to only £8.99 instead of the usual £19.99.

The Cookbook for Children is a spiral bound book with tons of lovely recipe ideas. I love the fact that this is spiral bound actually as it means that the book is much easier to manage while cooking. The recipes come with simple and illustrated instructions that go step-by-step through each process.

The Cookbook for Children also has helpful tips so that even first time cooks will find it easy to get cooking and they will learn how to do things like boil an egg and decorate a cake. Recipes included are Salmon Fishcakes (yum!), Ratatouille with Butter Bean Mash, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Sounds yummy.

We got this deal because Reader's Digest asked us to choose what we wanted them to reduce for us and they gave us a hefty 50% off on this ace cookbook. We chose, they reduced, everybody won!

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