Ombre Rainbow Christmas 1.8M Garland £19 @ Home Essentials

Go bright this Christmas!
Ombre Rainbow Christmas 1.8M Garland £19 @ Home Essentials

Forget traditional Christmas decorations, this year it's all about the rainbows! Fancy trying something new? This Ombre Rainbow Chrstmas Garland is new in at Home Essentials and looks fab!

Now this may not be for everyone but if we all liked the same thing it'd be boring hey! I know for a fact that my daughter and her friends would love this for their rooms!

The multi coloured garland is sure to add colour to your seasonal festivities. It's 180cm long and would look great on a fireplace, over a door or on the stairs.

It's priced at £19 from Home Essentials and we love it! You can expect delivery from the 15th November until the 22nd November 2021.

We love this Classic Artificial Flocked Christmas Arch from Home Essentals too!

Home delivery is £3.50.


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