Norwegian Stag Christmas Duvet Set From £6.98 @ The Range

Norwegian Stag Christmas Duvet Set From £6.98 @ The Range

I am a bit obsessed by Christmas, I change the whole house from the lounge all the way through to the bedroom. That means I have Christmas bedding, throws, lights everywhere, cushions the lot. My husband hates it of course but that certainly doesn't put me off!

I love this gorgeous Norwegian Stag Duvet Set from over at The Range. It is more Wintery than Christmas so it doesn't have a shelf life of just December!

Prices start from as little as £6.98 so expect this to sell fast! This red duvet set features snowflakes, stag heads and makes you feel very festive!

It is available in single for £6.98, double for £10.48 and king size for £11.88. Such bargains!

Included in the set is a duvet cover and matching pillowcase or pillowcases depending on the size you go for.

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes free if you spend £50 or more. Don't forget to take a look instore too to avoid the delivery charge.


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  • Chantelle H.

    Omg love it. I'd have that all year round xx

    • Corrin C.

      Haha you are funny x

    • Gemma R.

      Already got my xmas duvet cover!x

      • Charlene M.

        It doesn't tell you the material sometimes they do these styles in the brushed cotton which is the warming bedding no point in getting if it's too cold to sleep in!

        • Emma L.

          No king size available