Moz The Monster Merchandise Now Available @ John Lewis

Moz The Monster Merchandise Now Available @ John Lewis

Now we've all seen the new John Lewis Christmas Ad if you're a big fan of Moz The Monster under the bed you can now buy lots of goodies featuring him from John Lewis. There's the cuddly monster himself, a book, pyjamas, slippers and more, and they're sure to sell out fast!

The Moz The Monster Soft Toy* is bound to sell out first, and it's priced at £20 with 10% going to charity.

You can also get the Moz The Monster Story Book* for £8.99, Glow In The Dark Pyjamas in Red*or Blue* from £18, some fab furry Moz The Monster Slippers* from £14 and a Mug* for £5.

Merchandise is available both online and in stores while stocks last, but you'll need to be quick!

Click and collect costs £2 or is free on orders over £30. Home delivery costs from £3.50 or is free on orders over £50.


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  • Emma F.

    This is why???? To sell merchandise. Not very festive. Think i prefer the fox and mouse

    • Lee G.

      think the boys will like moz

      • Donna C.

        Omg I need :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

        • Annie E.

          I’ve watched the advert this morning online and he’s a big monster. Think it’s to stop kiddies being frightened of things I set the bed and he may just fall in my basket lol xx

          • Kirsty E.

            Lol :joy:

            • Annie E.

              and the book and the pjs lol :joy:

            • Melissa A.

              Not reallt Christmasy :neutral_face:

              • Jacqui E.

                I like the song... advert didn't grab me

                • Emma G.

                  I WOULD NOT SPEND ONE PENNY ON MOZ THE MONSTER! This isn’t xmas!!! Where’s the meaning? Where’s the goosebumps? Yes there’s a xmas tree, with a boy sitting alone opening his present

                  • Nicole S.

                    I like moz but the whole advert was confusing and pointless they could have gave him a better story rather than just vanishing at the end x very poor advert this year

                    • Stephanie P.

                      Nicole Speirs I think it's that the boy gets the night light and isn't worried about the monster so he goes ? Anyway if my son sees it it'll give him something else to get anxious about :disappointed:

                    • Luke S.

                      Is it me or does it look a lot like the gruffalo?

                      • Kimmy S.

                        I think it’s a big disappointment!

                        • Katy B.

                          I liked the M&S Paddington advert better, and the book was only £3 with £2 of it going to nspcc

                          • Francesca B.

                            Would have made more sense if the monster had left the boy the night light and a cuddly toy of himself for the boy to snuggle into when he became scared. Like a "I'm always here with you."

                            • Nicki M.

                              He left the nightlight so wgen it was turned on he was gone and when its off he is there

                            • Lisa M.

                              7 million on the merchandise. Huge disappointment John Lewis. Advert was major disappointing. Blink and you'll not even know it's xmas ad. And seriously.....7 million ?!

                              • Emma L.

                                7 million, still way too much though!

                                • Lisa M.

                                  Emma Launder typo haha x

                                  • Allison T.

                                    John Lewis didn't disclose the amount they spent!

                                    • Lisa M.

                                      It was on good morning Britain. Even if it was is still poor. Blink and you'll miss the xmas part

                                    • Jennie B.

                                      He looks cuter her than the advert eh

                                      • Claire S.

                                        It didn’t think it was Christmassy at all.. not as good as the penguins :penguin:

                                        • Stella B.

                                          I loved the advert and I loved the fact that it wasn't really advertising something expensive just a nice little bedroom light, I can't believe they are now selling all the monster merchandise now too. How stupid was I to think it was just a lovely Christmas advert and not a money making one :disappointed:

                                          • Laura S.

                                            I want them all :sob::sob::sob::sob:

                                            • Charlotte S.

                                              I ordered the pjs for the boy's. Xx

                                              • Rebecca D.

                                                She hasn't even seen it and I know I will need it lol

                                                • Lesley M.

                                                  Have I missed something everyone seems annoyed at the merchandise John Lewis sell merchandise related to their advert every single year with money going to charity ? This isn't a new thing I know for a fact because I remember looking at all the man on the moon stuff 2 years ago

                                                  • Joanne H.

                                                    Rubbish....what happened to the fox and mouse....thought that was a good one.......I’ll be buying Paddington I think book is lovely xx