Movies You Don't Want To Miss This Christmas & New Year On Freeview!

Movies You Don't Want To Miss This Christmas & New Year On Freeview!

I'm that person that takes a good hour out of their hectic festive schedule to circle all the good stuff to watch on TV over Christmas and New Year, in the TV Guide. 2018 has LOTS of brilliant stuff to watch with the family and we are sooooo excited!

Here are our top picks..

Sat 22nd Dec

  • BBC2 10am The Muppets
  • BBC2 11.35am Disney Cars 2
  • ITV3 1pm The Wizard of Oz
  • BBC1 1.40pm Penguins of Madagascar
  • BBC1 3pm Kung Fu Panda
  • BBC2 4.45pm Finding Neverland
  • ITV 6.30pm Star Wars Episode VI
  • ITV2 7.05pm Uncle Buck
  • C4 11.10pm East is East

Sun 23rd Dec

  • C4 6.55am Rugrats the Movie
  • BBC1 10.15am Mr Peabody & Sherman
  • BBC1 1.30pm A Christmas Carol
  • BBC1 3.00pm Room on the Broom
  • BBC1 3.25pm Pixar's Up (grab the tissues for that one!)
  • C4 4.30pm Men in Black
  • ITV2 4.55pm Elf
  • BBC2 5.20pm Alice in Wonderland
  • ITV 9pm Casino Royale
  • ITV2 9pm The Holiday

Xmas Eve

  • BBC2 7.15am Tinkerbell & The Secret Wings
  • BBC1 10.10am Shaun the Sheep Movie
  • ITV 12.55pm How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • BBC1 1.20pm Monsters University
  • BBC1 2.55pm Zootropolis
  • BBC1 5pm Mary Poppins
  • C4 6pm Miracle on 34th Street
  • ITV2 7:05pm The Lego Movie
  • ITV 9.30pm Gremlins

Xmas Day

  • BBC1 9am The Gruffalo
  • BBC1 9.25am The Gruffalos Child
  • ITV 10.20am Jack Frost
  • BBC1 11am Wallace and Gromit Curse of The Were Rabbit
  • BBC1 1.30pm The Good Dinosaur
  • C4 1.45pm Arthur Christmas
  • BBC1 3.10pm The Jungle Book
  • C5 3.10pm Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • C4 4pm The Muppets Christmas Carol
  • BBC1 4.50pm Zog
  • ITV 4.10pm Monsters Inc
  • C4 5.40pm Home Alone 2
  • ITV2 7.45pm Jurassic World
  • ITV 11.30pm Bridget Jones's Diary

Boxing Day

  • BBC1 10.30am The Prince and the Frog
  • ITV 11.05am The Witches
  • C4 11.20am Small Soldiers
  • C4 1.25pm Kung Fu Panda 2
  • BBC2 2.30pm Saving Mr Banks
  • BBC1 3.50pm Trolls
  • BBC1 5.40pm BFG
  • C4 5.45pm Mrs Doubtfire
  • ITV 8pm Quantum of Solace
  • ITV2 9pm Bridesmaids
  • C5 10pm Dirty Dancing
  • 5Star 10pm Sausage Party
  • ITV 10.20pm Love Actually

27th Dec

  • BBC1 9.25am The Pirates adventures of scientists
  • BBC1 10.50am Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • C4 1.30pm Ever After: A Cinderella Story
  • BBC1 4.20pm Kung Fu Panda 3
  • ITV2 6.40pm The Golden Compass
  • ITV 8pm Skyfall
  • ITVBE 9pm Mamma Mia
  • BBC1 10.25pm Meet The Fockers

28th Dec

  • BBC1 10.25am Madagascar 3
  • ITV3 12.50pm Bugsy Malone
  • BBC1 1.15pm Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
  • C4 2.35pm Sunshine on Leith
  • BBC1 4.10pm Wreck it Ralph
  • C4 8pm Eddie The Eagle
  • More4 11.10pm Gladiator

29th Dec

  • C5 9.50am Bean
  • C5 11.35am Groundhog Day
  • ITV 12.05am The Mummy
  • BBC2 1pm Dunkirk
  • BBC1 1.15pm Chicken Run
  • C5 1.35pm Ghostbusters 2
  • C4 2.10pm Hugo
  • BBC1 2.35pm Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • ITV4 6.35pm Apollo 13
  • BBC1 7.50pm Ant Man
  • C4 9pm Anchorman
  • C4 11.20pm Inbetweeners 2

30th Dec

  • BBC1 9.20am Bolt
  • ITV 11.25am The Mummy Returns
  • BBC1 2.25pm Cinderella
  • C5 2.45pm E.T
  • C4 3.30pm Edward Scissorhands
  • BBC1 4.05pm How to Train Your Dragon
  • C5 5pm Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • C4 5.40pm Paddington
  • ITV 10.50pm The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey
  • BBC1 11.45pm War of the Worlds
  • C4 12.05pm The Woman In Black

31st Dec

  • BBC1 10.20am The Croods
  • ITV 11.45am The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  • BBC1 2.40pm Big Hero 6
  • BBC1 4.15pm Maleficent
  • C5 5.45pm Pan
  • ITV 8pm Spectre
  • ITV2 9pm Bridesmaids (in case you missed it on Boxing Day)

1st Jan

  • C4 8.10am Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • BBC1 9am Planes Fire & Rescue
  • 5Star 12.55pm The Never Ending Story
  • BBC1 1pm The Railway Children
  • C4 1.25pm Splash
  • BBC2 1.30pm Monkey Kingdom
  • BBC1 3.45pm The Jungle Book
  • C4 5.50pm Sister Act
  • Film4 9pm Bridge of Spies
  • BBC1 10.55pm Avengors Age of Ultron


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