Massive Googly Ball £3 @ Newitts

Newitts are selling Massive Googly Balls for £3 - I'm not sure what they're full price should be, or if that is it, but they look as though they should cost more than 300 of our Great British pence to me.

I've never heard of Newitts before and, to be frank, I didn't like the look of their website much (it's dark and it's busy), don't be put off by that though otherwise you'll miss the chance to bag yourself one of these Magic Googly Balls - I've just ordered five of them (for Crimbo) and the entire process was plain sailing and quick, you can pay by PayPal too if you want to.

I've not heard of Massive Googly Balls either (well not in this context anyway!!) but they look rather fun and daft.

They don't do anything, as such, other than be really weird, stretchy, squashy and bouncy - well that's more than enough, isn't it?

Massive Googly Balls are the sort of thing that makes an ideal stocking filler for that big C time that's rapidly heading our way (it IS, I don't care how much you protest!  You can't stop it, it's inevitable!) - cheap, cheerful and likely to be played with a lot.

My youngest son is VERY into playing catch at the moment; yesterday we were playing catch with my smaller stability ball - it was actually really good fun and my lats are 'talking' to me this morning as a result!

Anyway, I digress (no change there then) - there's no delivery to pay if your order is destined for somewhere within mainland UK, so £3 is all you're going to pay in total for your Massive Googly Ball.

Thanks to utopia1 at HUKD


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  • sarahmac
    ** UPDATE ** So - five minutes after I placed my order I received and email to let me know it was being picked. Ninety minutes later I received another email telling me my five Massive Googly Balls had been shipped, complete with delivery tracking info. So far, I'm impressed!
  • LynleyOram
    oh! These are brilliant. They're just mad really. My son got one from a friend for birthday one year and loved it. You can get cheap ones for a £1 at the 99p store (well ok for 99p but you know what I mean). But they don't last long.
  • sarahmac
    ** UPDATE II ** WELL - now I really AM impressed. 24 hours after I placed my order for these Massive Googly Balls, they arrived! The courier knocked on my door at 8am this morning (I didn't choose next day delivery, I just went for the free standard option) and there they were, all googly and awesome. I almost wish I'd bought an extra one for ME now, they are so weird and squishy and squashy and touchy-feely that I've had to force myself to put them back in their box.

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