Where To Buy Elf Monopoly Board Game

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Where To Buy Elf Monopoly Board Game

Elf is one of the best Christmas movies of all time. It has that perfect balance of nonsense, magic and love. If you're a fan then prepare to get "Buddy" excited as the Elf Monopoly Board Game is here!

Here's where to buy Elf Monopoly in the UK:

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  • Forever Love£34.99
  • Amazon* from £45.99 (third party sellers, always check seller feedback before ordering)

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Elf Monopoly

When is Elf Monopoly out in the UK? It's official release date was 15th August 2021.

The aim of the game is to get around the board and snap up the Elf themed places as your own like Santa’s Workshop, Gimbels Toy Department, and the Lincoln Tunnel. Of course there are obstacles as you go on your way with the Office Coffee and Printing Error penalties at Hobbs & Son Publishing, making you part with your Monopoly money.

Build on your Elf themed landmarks with apartment buildings and skyscrapers to get maximum rent from your opponents.

What tokens do you get to choose from in this magical edition of Monopoly? Santa’s Bag, Polar Bear Cub, Coffee Mug, Jack-in-the-Box, Santa’s Sleigh and Maple Syrup.


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