Lidl & Morrisons Are Selling A Pigs-In-Blankets Pizza!

Available in store now!
Lidl & Morrisons Are Selling A Pigs-In-Blankets Pizza!

If pigs in blankets are one of your favourite things about Christmas then you may be excited (or horrified!) to know that you can now get a pigs in blankets pizza in time for Christmas!

Both Lidl and Morrisons have launched a Christmas combo that brings together two of the UK's favourites in one yummy festive treat... the pigs in blanket pizza.

At Lidl, for £3.29, shoppers can indulge in a stoned-baked sourdough base pizza topped with a rich Mediterranean style tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, cranberry sauce and the star of the show - pigs in blankets. It is in store now!

Morrison's pizza is priced at £2.89 and is also in stores now. The dish is on a 10' deep pan pizza has a classic tomato and mozzarella base which is then layered with Christmas favourites including sage and onion turkey, pigs in blankets and dollops of fruity cranberry sauce.

Does this sound like a bit of you?! I quite fancy trying these ones, perfect for Christmas Eve, a pre-Christmas dinner treat!


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