Lego Storage Yellow 12 Litre £12.99 @ ASDA

ASDA is selling this rather awesome Lego storage brick for £12.99 instead of the usual price of £20.83. You are saving £7.84 off the original price, which is nice if not hefty, and you get this brilliant piece of toy room storage.

This awesome Lego storage brick is ideal for packing away those pesky toys – or that growing pile of Lego pieces – and snapping shut to look cool in the corner. It is made for fun tidying up sessions, showing off to friends and possibly trying to build giant Lego things out of, if you get more than one that is.

You can stack these the same way as you can Lego bricks, you can stuff them full of things, they would make awesome Christmas gifts and they have a capacity of 12 litres. Oh, happy and funky storage days!

Thanks to dealsonthego at HUKD!


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