Kids' / Adult Christmas Dinner Plates £3 / £4 @ Matalan

Kids' / Adult Christmas Dinner Plates £3/£4

I got one of these Children's Christmas Dinner Plates last year, from Matalan. They are ceramic and are such a lovely keepsake. My son loved his, and we will bring it out on the big day, this year too. I am a little excited as they have brought out an Adult's one this year too. The Kids' Christmas Dinner Plate is only £3 and the Adult's is £4.

This might be hard to believe (not!) but Children won't just automatically eat veggies because it's Christmas Day. This plate injects some fun into eating those sprouts, with their cheeky little faces.

The Extra Large Adult's Plate has shows where to plate all of the different elements of your Christmas Dinner too. Note - You too have to eat your sprouts.

You can Click and Collect your special plates for FREE from a Matalan store near you or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.

Spend £50+ for FREE Delivery!

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  • Amy O.

    I'll have a look how big they are next time I'm there.

  • Amy O.

    2! Martin will be sat at the table like a big boy this year!

  • Amy O.

    They do an adults one hahahaha

  • Stefm C.

    we need to get these for the weans!

  • Emma M.

    I'll have to get these for the lads.. too cute xxx

    • Mandy C.

      Definitely love may need them for adults ive broken so many plates :joy: xxxx

  • Emma C.

    I am getting one of these :joy:

  • Joann C.

    That’s good isn’t it x

  • Sammy J.

    I wanna go Matalan where is it we should go a trip I actually get invited on x

  • Clare C.

    Good idea. My portion plate would look very Different!

  • Amy W.

    Yes! these are really cute! Xx

  • Sammy B.

    That's cute and good price xxx

  • Lola J.

    It’s cute they have some similar in b & m I’m going to get a couple. Xxx

  • Jo S.

    Ooh I'll have to take a look X

  • Jo S.

    Love it. The girls definitely need them X

  • Emma Q.

    Pound land are doing the same :heart_eyes:£1 obvisaly lol :heart_eyes:says santas treats..

  • Danielle R.

    Aww I need this for Alfie! X

  • Rae-Anne C.

    That's fab! Must try and get one!

  • Sue M.

    I've got 2 of the kids and 3 of the adults ones. Can't wait to use them. The adults ones are huge and deep so plenty if space for gravy :grinning:

  • Cheryl L.

    Know where I'm going at weekend lol

  • Lisa W.

    We got him one last year similar from bnm need to get one for baby tom now lol xx

  • Helen S.

    I seen them the other day and was tempted x

  • Rachel B.

    We need to get them for ours!! Xxx

  • Tarren G.

    Saw these earlier might have to get him one xx

  • Sophie S.

    That's good just wish he would eat veg again x

  • Fiona D.

    I'll have to get one! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Lindsay K.

    Oh will have to have a wee look, thanks

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