Kevin & Katie Carrot Have Had Kids! Baby Carrot Toys Coming To Aldi

Kevin & Katie Carrot Have Had Kids! Baby Carrot Toys Coming To Aldi

Here's a happy ending to the Christmas romance we never knew we needed. Kevin the Carrot, the star of the Aldi Christmas ads since 2016 met Katie this year, and now they have little baby carrots! And you can buy them in Aldi*!

The new carrots are called Jasper, Baby Carrot and Chantenay (we see what you did there Aldi) and they will be in online and in stores from Thursday 14th December.

They will be sold as a pack of three retailing for just £2.99, with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

See you in Aldi next Thursday!


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  • Steph D.

    we need the carrots

    • Shona S.

      I didnt think they would be out before Christmas

      • Lauren A.

        Oh my god we NEED them!!!!!

        • Katie B.

          Another 7:30 start for me :joy::joy:

          • Kerry M.

            Omg I think these are a must :heart_eyes::joy: x

            • Katie H.

              Find them and Kevin and Katie....hunt them down lol

              • Angela A.

                Aww how cute, now I need it!!

                • Marie R.

                  Hahahha I should so get a Kevin!

                  • Claire B.

                    Babies! Will have to get a set for Tabbys Katie & Kevin :joy:

                    • Tara W.

                      they should of kept this for next year. Il see if I can get there Thursday xxx

                      • Lynette C.

                        Aw - but how can we have the babies without a mummy and daddy? :rolling_eyes:xx

                        • Jade J.

                          :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:see I need these xx

                          • Louise R.

                            Omg I was hoping they would have babies but thought that would be next year. :joy: Kevin don't waist much time did he :joy::joy: x

                            • Sara H.

                              Prob be sold out and on eBay for £50 By 8.15am!

                              • Kerry W.

                                Awwww fs I need these :heart_eyes:

                                • Siobhan M.

                                  Guess where I will be at 8am on Thursday lol x

                                  • Lisa B.

                                    you can order online too xx

                                    • Cara R.

                                      Does anyone know what time they go on sale online ? x

                                      • PlayPennies

                                        Last time it was 10am, but so far they have only given the date of 14th December and no specific time.

                                        • Lauren J.

                                          My local store told me 8am :flushed:

                                          Sorry realised you said online :see_no_evil:

                                        • Carly H.

                                          Havnt even seen the other 2 carrots in store yet :cry:

                                          • Abigail M.

                                            You've missed em... Sold out really quickly! :-(

                                          • Maria P.

                                            Hopefully they will have some left after i finish work :grin: