Cute But Practical Keepsakes for Baby's 1st Christmas

Fun items for baby's 1st Christmas

A baby's 1st Christmas is a magical moment, and celebrating that first step in a lifetime of family Christmas traditions can be really special. It can also be utter chaos - I remember spending my firstborn's first Christmas holed up in the spare room feeding on demand as the rest of the family partied away without me! So here's our round-up of ten of the best - and most practical - keepsakes to help you mark your baby's first Christmas. (After all, who needs a crystal tree decoration which costs a small fortune but won't last to see your baby's second Christmas?!)

1. Baby's 1st Christmas Stocking, My 1st Years, £15
I love these personalised Christmas stockings from My 1st Years - such a lovely way to mark your little one's very first Christmas, and a pretty special keepsake for years to come, too.

2. Baby's First Advent Calendar, Not on the High Street, £15
Ok, so an Advent calendar is probably going to bypass your little bundle of joy on their first Christmas - and make the most of that of, because they'll be clamouring for Lego advent calendars before you know it - but this is a really sweet way of marking your baby's first Christmas milestones. On the other hand, you could probably make your own version for little more than the cost of some printer ink. Now there's a Christmas craft idea..

3. My 1st Christmas Santa Bauble, Mothercare £10
You can quite literally spend a small fortune on Christmas decorations emblazoned with the words 'My 1st Christmas' but I love the stylish simplicity of these personalised Santa baubles from Mothercare.

4. Boys Mr Santa Outfit, Matalan, £8,
Ok, so it's not technically a first Christmas thing but is there anything cuter than a cuddly little bundle celebrating his first Christmas dressed as Santa? I think not. There's Mrs Santa outfit too, which is equally adorable. Those tights! Both are suitable from three months to three years.

5. Usborne Baby's 1st Christmas Book and CD, Amazon, £9.99
It's never too soon to introduce your little one to a love of Christmas music and what better way than with an Usborne book? This one comes with a CD of festive tunes featuring Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, among others. If you'd prefer a traditional Christmas story, this Usborne Touchy Feely The Nativity book is also gorgeous.

6. My First Christmas Photo Album, John Lewis, £9.95
I don't know about you but I'm useless at actually printing photos off and popping them in an album so if I were celebrating a little one's first Christmas this year, I'd definitely invest in one of these and vow to get it filled - before baby's second Christmas, at least!

7. My First Christmas Sleepsuit, Asda, £8
You can't leave the baby out of the whole Christmas pyjamas thing, so how about this cheery festive sleepsuit to keep your little one cosy and serve as a poignant reminder, in years to come, of just how tiny your wee bundle was on his or her very first Christmas? This elf-themed Santa's Little Helper version is also ridiculously cute.

8. Christmas bibs, Asda, £3
Since the sign of a good meal well-enjoyed by a baby is that a good portion of it ends up all over their bib, this is one 'first Christmas' thing you might not want to put away in the memory box, so avoid the over-priced first Christmas bibs and go for this super-cute two-pack of Christmas bibs instead. I know a few adults who could do with these at the Christmas table!

9. Baby Elf slippers, Pinterest, £8.09
Oh come on - what's not to love?! Little tiny Elf slippers with bells on! You'd have to be mad not to want to mark your little Elf's first Christmas with her very own pair of custom-made Christmas slippers. Order soon, though, because these ship from USA and made to order items take around three weeks.

10. Baby Christmas Jumper, Tesco, £10-12
No self-respecting first-Christmas-celebrating baby should be seen this season without a festive Christmas jumper, and we love these cute offerings from Tesco. Buy it now and you'll have weeks to get your money's worth from it, too!

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