John Adams Golden Coin Maker £7.50 @ Amazon

John Adams Golden Coin Maker £7.50 @ Amazon

chocolate maker

For the young entrepreneur this chocolate medal or coin maker from Amazon could be the start of a golden future (pun intended!). At less than half price, 56% off to be precise, it's the ideal gift to turn your young person in to a made-at-home giver.

Golden coins are a great Christmas stocking filler, but why not have them for any time of year? Chocolate never goes out of fashion, especially in this house, and finding a fun way to make, shape and eat it can only add to the enjoyment.

There are twenty stamps to choose from, or you can personalise your own, making it fit for any occasion: birthdays, special occasions, or every day. With the Golden Coin Maker you can emboss, wrap and store chocolate medals and coins made with any brand of chocolate buttons.

The set contains the medal and coin factory, a chocolate melting unit, moulds and rings, a spreading and scribing tool, ten double sided embossing discs, golden net bags and golden elastic and four golden foil sheets.

Suitable for ages six years and up.

Thanks to aliceashea from HUKD


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  • Theo C.
    Do yourselves a favour and don't buy one of these. We bought one last Christmas for our daughter as her "main" present, after much pestering. It was truly awful, led to a tearful Christmas and went straight back to the shop. The "chocolate melting unit" is a plastic pot into which you pour warm water, which is meant to melt the chocolate. Given how thick the plastic is and how small the pot is, the water cools quickly and barely any heat transfers to the chocolate so you are basically trying to melt it at room temperature. The moulds are fiddly and so thin that - even if you do manage to melt chocolate - you will break the coins. Save yourself the pain and go to your local cookware shop, buy a bain marie to melt chocolate properly and some shaped moulds and learn to do this properly and have real fun.
    • Kim
      I agree with Theo... it was the worst £20 Id ever spent!! You can only make 1 or 2 coins at a time which isnt great. We ended up using the empty chocolate advent calender insert as a chocolate mould and was much more fun!! Even tho its a bargain price, avoid upset children and dont buy it!