Happyland Advent Calendar Available Now @ ELC / Mothercare

Happyland Advent Calendar Available Now @ ELC / Mothercare

EDIT 20/09/17: Now part of the 3 for 2 Mix & Match on ELC Toys at ELC and Mothercare. Offer ends 4th October.

This year's Happyland Advent Calendar has just been launched online at both ELC and Mothercare, and if last year is anything to go by this will sell out way before December! It's adorable and packed with cute Happyland toys, so if you want one better get one quick!

It's priced at £25 and includes 24 individual Happyland Toys so it's great value for money. There's one toy behind every window, all in a Christmas and Winter theme including an Elf, Fairy, Reindeer, Smowman, Gingerbread Man, Penguin, a Christmas Tree and Santa himself, along with lots of other toys.

The toys are suitable for children aged two and over, so it's a great choice for toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as older kids too.

Last year's Happyland Advent Calendar sold out almost as soon as it was released, so here's hoping there's more available this time but if you want it, grab it now!

Click and collect is free from both ELC and Mothercare, with home delivery costing £3.95, of free when you spend £40 at ELC or £50 at Mothercare.


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  • Lynne G.

    - expensive but cute :grinning:

    • Amanda H.

      you wanted this last year xx

      • Alissa T.

        Managed to get it last year so she has most of them xx

      • Julie M.

        Not sure I can commit to buying this when I'm on my summer holiday! Mebs on thurs when I'm back :joy:

        • Anastasia M.

          Thanks so much Hun, I've just ordered one so thank you :kissing_heart: xx

          • Joanne L.

            She's decided she's too big for happyland now, but thanks will pass on to friends :blush:

            • Caroline H.

              Just saw this as you tagged! Like don't love x

              • Natalie P.

                No but he would :joy: just thought it was a good idea zx

                • Debbie S.

                  I've spent a small fortune on happy land over the years :joy:

                  • Natalie J.

                    Ta love, but realised its more me who wants the happyland figures...boy doesnt really play with the people its all about the vehicles haha !

                    • Lynn R.

                      Most likely, she loves all her little toys

                      • Alice C.

                        Please please order and I'll pay you back xx

                        • Susan H.

                          Ordered! Was just chatting to mum about these the other week but it wasn't avail x

                          • Della B.

                            Trying to decide if it's too early or not haha!

                            • Elizabeth F.

                              Literally just seen this! X

                              • Lynn R.

                                £1 per toy, pups cost over £2 each

                                • Elizabeth F.

                                  £25 tho?! Cheap wen u think if happy land figures etc but lots when it's just figures but they'd prob love them :joy: x

                                  • Katie R.

                                    True.... order it for me? I don't have it in bank..

                                    • Noreen G.

                                      Wow Florence will love that

                                      • Patricia E.

                                        The car one would be great for him xxx

                                        • Annabelle P.

                                          happy land advent calendar!