Gr8 Art Sea Monkeys Theatre Projector Playset £9.49 @ Amazon

The Gr8 Art Sea Monkeys Theatre Projector playset has been reduced from £19.99 to only £9.49 at Amazon. This is a very tidy saving of £10.50 and includes free super saver delivery. And it’s Sea Monkeys!! Wahoo!

The Gr8 Art Sea Monkeys Theatre projector used to cost £19.99 and it includes everything you need to get your Sea Monkeys started. Just add water and watch as your Sea Monkeys hatch and grow. Turn down the lights and watch as they are projected onto the wall. How insanely weird and cool is that?

This unique breed of brine shrimps come to life when they are dropped in water and create a family of cool pets that you can watch growing and living and having fun. You need two AA batteries to run the theatre and these are not included in the price.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!

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