Five Things To Love About A Pregnant Christmas

A Pregnant Christmas: 5 Things To Love

Being pregnant at Christmas might not seem like a barrel of laughs – never has a cheese-plate looked sooo inviting – but there are plenty of reasons to savour the season. Here are just five things to love about being pregnant during Christmas and New Year.

1. No hangovers
So the office Christmas party might not have been much fun once everyone else was a few glasses of Prosecco down, but think how smug you'll feel on New Year's Day when everyone else is starting the new year with a banging headache and you're feeling nothing but blooming marvellous. To get you through cocktail season, make sure you stash up on some good alcohol-free drinky treats. Mocktails are amazing and you'll find bazillions of recipes online. Plus no-one says you can't consume your body weight in hot chocolate with lashings of whipped cream at this time of year...

2. You can blame the cravings
Ok, so you have to lay off the brie and bubbly which is far from easy, but if ever there was a time to indulge yourself in a few foodie treats, this is it. REALLY need a family-sized bar of Galaxy or indeed a whole pot of seafood sauce at 3am? Go for it. After all, it's Christmas AND you can totally get away with the claim that the baby made you do it.

3. No-one will notice a few extra pounds
On a similar note this is the time to eat, drink and be merry without worrying about those festive extra pounds. Not that I'm encouraging unhealthy weight gain or excessive calorie consumption during pregnancy, of course, but you can certainly afford to worry a bit less than the rest of us about fitting into your jeans once Christmas has been and gone.

4. This time next year…
This time next year you'll be doing Christmas with a baby - squee! So rather than mourn all the things you feel you're missing out on this year, go for broke with indulging in all the things you might not get to next year. Put your feet up for extended periods of time at every opportunity, have long lie-ins whenever possible, and enjoy generally getting the chance to rest a bit while you incubate another human.

5. You'll look your best for a bump pic
I have one regret about all three of my pregnancy experiences – not taking enough photographs to capture the moment. My kids now adore looking back at photos of me when I was pregnant with them but there are precious few. And Christmas is pretty much the perfect time to take a bump pic as you'll generally have ample opportunity to look like a million bucks. So get snap happy with the camera while you can!

How are you handling the festive season with a bump on board? Let us know when you're due, and what tips you'd add for getting through the festive season when you're expecting.

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  • Fiona T.

    Hmmm ok then but walking bout in sales wasn't good!! Lol xxxxx

  • Libby E.

    I'm 35 weeks. It's not wonderful. I'm so tired I keep napping and have no energy to play with my almost 6 year old. I can't eat any rich food without necking antacids and I couldn't manage our Boxing day walk today. The only plus side I can see is because it's cold I'm not over heating like those poor women who are heavily pregnant in summer.

    • Tao S.

      I'm with you Libby. 34 weeks and completely agree with what you said. I also have a stinking cold which I can't take anything for. Not the most merry Christmas!

    • Rachel M.

      I agree! I had my babies January and February, and once I had them I was freezing without my bump to keep cosy. Also 'morning' sickness and heartburn.

    • Libby E.

      My sympathies ladies x Tao I've had actual flu this pregnancy and the reason I didn't have my jab for it is because 6 weeks before when I was due my jab I caught bloomin chickenpox! I found a hot drink of honey, lemon juice, a little grated fresh ginger and a spoon of turmeric really helped boost me. When I'm not pregnant I've always eaten lots of raw garlic when ill too and it really helps. It's perfectly safe during pregnancy too but my sensitive pregnancy nose couldn't stand it :(

    • Nikki H.

      Oh yes I swear I nearly died with my first as I was 6mths during August! All the best with your baby's when they arrive.

  • Nikki U.

    This baby is giving me kidney stones so I spent yesterday in bed while my husband and mother opened all the presents with my little ones. Really would rathered that hadnt happened.

  • Ang M.

    2 hour nap today! Although this is due to lost sleep every night with extreme discomfort. Also started mat leave so nice to have family and friends to spend it with :heart_eyes:

  • Anne-Marie P.

    Kept me warm I was wearing summer vests when it was snowing .

  • Rebecca O.

    It's not wonderful, my son was due Christmas Day but turned up New Year's Day, I felt so uncomfortable at Christmas as I just wanted him out, his birthday is rubbish as everything is closed although it will be nice when his older as he can party New Year's Eve and see his birthday in :blush:

  • Michelle P.

    40 weeks today! Although im so uncomfortable we had a lovely christmas day with just me my other half and our daughter and then a great family day at my nans today. Ive been glad I have been busy to keep my mind off of the waiting.

  • Amanda M.

    Except when there's the fear you might not get through Christmas dinner without going into labour! (my daughter turns 6 in 5 days!)

    • Jo S.

      My fil kept insisting that my waters were going to break during Christmas dinner. I was already overdue and did not want to be hearing that :rolling_eyes:

  • Heather B.

    My water broke during Christmas dinner and my son was born 6 weeks early on boxing day... 4 years ago today! I was quite enjoyed my Christmas being pregnant up until then :joy:

  • Jill G.

    Son stitched in on the 23rd Dec on total bed rest on xmas day breakfast/dinner and tea plus supper delivered to me no pots or preparation looking back it was fabulous time just me and the bump

  • Gemma T.

    Aw this is true...still not sold on the no drinking though :joy: x

  • Jessica B.

    Haha. I like the no hangovers bit, but can't lie in a lot and I've not taken any bump pictures. Might take some

  • Lauren S.

    And no one expects you to do chores :joy::joy::speak_no_evil: bit fed up at 40+4 now though :weary::joy:

  • Leanne C.

    I spent all my Christmas shopping time, picking little bits and pieces up for our little ones arrival in March so proceeded to spend the week before Christmas running around during my lunch breaks mad trying to get everything lol

  • Claire B.

    Just over 25 weeks with my third and I love it

  • Sammii D.

    Feel like a stuffed turkey myself haha!

  • Kate D.

    Err with gestational diabetes it's not a barrel of laughs to be honest. Watching everyone else eat, drink and be merry. I want to dive into a tub of quality street so bad! Oh and no naps and loe-ins when it's your second kid. She will definitely be worth it though. xx

  • 'Jennifer A.

    Don't feel so bad now haha xx

  • Emma D.

    if it helps I'm stone cold sober again today lol x

  • Kim W.

    It has affected my baileys and pate consumption but there's always next year!

  • Marie W.

    Apart from the heartburn!xx

  • Lynsay R.

    Aww all that is very true! I def need more bump pics though - totally hiding from the camera at the mo lol xx

  • Emma B.

    Exactly! Thank Jesus for maternity clothes this time of year! X

  • Stacey G.

    33 wks... and apart from being completely shattered (may be the fact i have a 4 1/2 & a 3 yr old tho!).. its been no different. Ive not been able 2eat as much as i would have liked.. but thats not a bad thing ! :joy:. X

  • Janka E.

    Last Christmas I was suffering with hyperemesis. Vomiting throughout the day, exhausted and grouchy trying to keep it together for my eldest. This Christmas my lo is 6 months old and it's certainly been more enjoyable :grinning:

  • Leanne C.

    I'm 31 weeks and apart from the endless hours of being awake with back pain at night so being constantly tired throughout the day Iv been enjoying the excuse to stuff my face and have lazy days In our pyjamas :-)

  • Leanne C.

    Oh but I did miss my duck and orange pate for starters :-/

  • Danielle M.

    I was heavily pregnant this time two years ago and thought it would bother me but it didn't. I enjoyed eating a lot and didn't care about the alcohol bit :joy:

  • Clara D.

    It's feels like a hangover everyday for me!!! :mask:

  • Scott I.

    Last Christmas i couldnt enjoy the delicious food...and this year my lil one is allergic to eggs, milk anf also not enjoying much food. Desperately want a slice of xmas cake/cheesecake/whole tub of choc. Def worth it to see her lil smile every morning tho :)

    • Michelle F.

      With ya! I'm on my second Xmas of being dairy and soya free :sob: for my baby girl xxx

    • Scott I.

      Oh no... didnt realise how much of my Christmas was related around food til i couldnt have any! Lol I even made a dairy free gingerbread house so i cud have a yummy dessert. I dont want to stop feeding her but also can't wait to eat normally again. Fingers crossed they grow out of it.

  • Susan T.

    Well now I feel patronised half to death on top of feeling unconfortable.

  • Rachel W.

    I don't think I've found anything to love!!! I miss wine ;)

  • Leona J.

    When I was pregnant

  • Clare O.

    Any time being pregnant is good

  • Rachel W.

    Although having a good excuse for having a nap & taking it easy was quite nice ;)

  • Kirsty P.

    It's a barrel of laughs especially after a summer full of best friends weddings :joy::joy:. Don't get me started on all the cheese and wine night invites we keep getting :sweat_smile: all worth it :baby:

  • Jessica M.

    My waters broke 5 years ago Christmas Day so spent my day having Christmas dinner in hospital :joy: but my baby boy arrived 2 days later. It was the best present ever but trying to give him the best presents around this time of year is very hard :sweat_smile:

  • Zara M.

    My due date was xmas Eve, and I went xmas Eve and had him Christmas Day, perfect but I missed out on my two girls opening there pressies, we came home yesterday though, so we tried to make up for it.x

  • Kylie W.

    :smile: Totally hating the no prosecco but having no hangover is great! Xxxx

  • Sophie B.

    Lmao thats so true! :rolling_eyes::joy: x

  • AnneMarie V.

    Both my pregnancies I was heavily pregnant over Christmas, eldest due Boxing Day but born 28th and youngest due 11th Jan but born on 7th. I loved it both times even though I was sick every day with both of them. It's a special time to be pregnant x

  • Hayley S.

    No it's not and will be totally worth it xx

  • Gemma D.

    So glad I wasn't!!!! Love my lg but being pregnant was the worst experience I've ever been through

  • Jilly J.

    9 months pregnant at Christmas was not wonderful.

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