Enjoy Santa's Sleepovers @ Alton Towers This Christmas

Santa's Sleepovers @ Alton Towers

Dare I say it but once the kids are back at school we will no doubt be on the countdown to Christmas. We always joke about it in our house as in August my dad always books for us to visit Santa at the end of the year. Sounds daft but you have to book early to guarantee a place.

If you fancy a change this year why not try one of the Santa's Sleepovers at Alton Towers. It will no doubt be a magical experience and will certainly get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

So what's included as part of Santa's Sleepovers?

  • A visit to see Santa and his elves in Santa's secret hideaway grotto
  • Tickets for this year's fun-packed Pantomime, Aladdin
  • An overnight stay in one of the Resort hotels
  • A tasty Christmas Carvery evening meal
  • A fabulous buffet breakfast
  • One day access to the Waterpark
  • One day access to CBeebies Land and a selection of rides
  • Fun-packed evening entertainment including character meet and greets, family-friendly shows, kids' discos and even a Christmas cinema!

Sounds amazing doesn't it! The Santa's Sleepovers are available on the following dates: 27th November, 4th December, 11th December and 17th-23rd December 2016.

Booking is now open so make sure you hurry before it sells out!

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  • Shaun C.

    Awwww wowwww

  • Shaun C.

    Awwww wowwww

  • Christina C.

    we should do this :grimacing:

    • Stacey R.


  • Lisa C.

    there's also an Aladdin pantomime! X

  • Melissa L.

    Looks good x

  • Leanne A.

    this looks amazing!

    • Leanne A.

      I think it would be fab! Looks like you get a lot included xx

    • Elouise P.

      It's all included! The panto was fab to

  • Lauren H.

    I'm sure would love this :joy:

  • Mark T.

    The kids would love it! I bet they go all out too!

  • Mark T.

    Just tried it and it was 310 quid for one night. :flushed:

  • Daniel B.

    Owww! I like

  • Felicity T.

    this sounds like fun? x

  • Daniel L.

    Wowsers. But would be amazing for the kids, like going to the north pole and seeing all the little elf dudes making pressies!

  • Donna J.

    Sounds good - haven't checked the price out though! X

  • Emma B.

    this sounds unreal! I've not looked at a price though! :see_no_evil:

    • Emma B.

      It's not too bad...like £350-£400....For one night! :see_no_evil: Xx

  • Mandie D.

    ........we need to go :heart_eyes:

  • Nadine D.

    It looked good until I saw the price :see_no_evil:

  • Cat-jack S.

    id love to go there but alton towers is a lil too far 4 me lol x

  • Judy L.

    Seriously!!! It's August folks!

    • Kelly C.

      Booked our Xmas day out bout 3 months ago, everywhere sell out fast we left it till September last year and cudnt get dates we wanted

  • Charlotte K.

    we so need to do this!!!

  • Leanne M.

    Sounds great but £620 for 2 adults and 4 children for one night is a bit extortionate :grin:

    • Janine B.

      I just went to book then saw the price eek

    • Genna P.

      I've got a week at center parcs winter wonderland for less than that :astonished:

    • Lisa F.

      £675 for us for one night... And it's not even like the theme park is fully open :scream::scream::scream: can go to Disney for that lol!! Xx

  • Jennie E.

    Hurray! I'll check!

  • Sarah S.

    Yes defo I love anything Christmas with the kids!!! Xxx

  • Remie P.

    Wow thank you!!! X

  • Lynsey M.

    look were we're going :grin::grin::grin: SUPER EXCITED!!!!

    • Michelle K.

      So Santa lives in Alton Towers Whatttt???! Haha

  • Jennie E.

    It's quite expensive this time - last year I paid much less. We need to wait til they put an offer out...

  • Katie R.

    this years Christmas adventure?!

  • Remie P.

    Ooh I think I'll have to book that again, it was amazing!!!

  • Danielle H.


  • Sami C.

    I don't even dare look at the price :joy::joy:

  • Alison J.

    Sounds fab bit prices are ridiculous

  • Craig F.

    looks good but not cheap!

  • Kerry W.

    Check prices. More expensive than last year x

  • Rach C.

    Looks awesome will look into it. Does it run to new year?

  • Louise T.

    Frigging awesome! Doing it! Xx

  • Nathan G.

    Let's go :-)

  • Alexandra H.

    It's only on certain weekends and 2 of them are spoken for and I can't have all the December weekends off :-( xx

  • Dawn-louise P.

    how good does this look

  • Kirsty H.

    this sounds amazing!

    • Kim D.

      Holy macaroni! £150 though :flushed: xxx

  • Hayley C.

    Looks good x

  • Laura S.

    I thought price was OK considering what's included. Was similar to what we paid for Thomas land and wasn't as much included! X

  • Kerry C.

    Yeh looks good :thumbsup:

  • Louise B.

    Just looked and not too bad actually xxx

  • Michelle O.

    You get to go into Alton Towers one day and Splash landings the next. Aladdin panto, meet Santa and stay over... It's a full weekend :joy:

  • Nicola M.


  • Kirsty D.

    imagine going to this x

  • Laura H.

    I want to go!

  • Siobhan M.

    I've just booked this Samantha looks fab x

  • Lynsey T.

    This looks good but it's a bit expensive , ,

  • Jenna O.

    I really want to do this xx

  • Heidi J.

    It looks fab doesn't it?! Yes definitely going to book soon. Xx

  • Jenna S.

    Yeah looks good x

  • Clare N.

    I would love this!! Xxx

  • Kelly C.

    I don't understand why they do it on Sunday? Why not Saturday?

  • Samantha C.

    aw brilliant!! Kids are going to love it!!!

  • Claire C.

    this is really tempting. Xx

    • Claire C.

      Yes only selected rides but c beebies land is open so good for the little ones. Xx

  • Lauren M.

    I found one for 2 adults and 1 child for £270, still expensive! Xx

  • Katie R.

    this would be really cool xxxx

    • Katie R.

      It's only for kids so I wouldn't need to worry! It's all about CBeebies land xxx

  • Amy J.

    I wanna do this!! Xx

    • Amy J.

      Bet it's expensive though! :joy:

  • Rachael C.

    Eleanor Forecast I think it depends on the age of the children. For the 27th November it came up as £300 for 2 adults, a 4 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old.

  • Kate R.

    Thanks Hun! X

  • Louise A.

    It's lovely but like everyone else it's way to expensive! Alton towers needs to lower there prices so more people will book.

  • Eleanor F.

    Brill thank you. Xx

  • Lauren W.

    I need to do this X

  • Nicola U.

    Bet it's mega expensive though

  • Claire W.

    sounds amazing but not the price tag !! :weary:

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