DSLR Gorillapod Zoom £30.90 @ Amazon


This deal may not seem very parenty to you but oh, oh, my it will appeal to the photographer in your house and is the perfect price for Christmas. Here you have the Joby Gorillapod that will hold a DSLR and zoom with ease and instead of selling for £54.95 it is only selling for £30.90.

The Gorillapod Zoom will hold the Canon 450D, 1000D, 500D, Nikon D3000, D5000, D90, Sony Alpha DSLR Range, and Panasonic G1 series. Pant pant.

The flexible joints let you bend and rotate the Gorillapod to form the perfect shape. We have one of these but the outdoor torch version and it is beyond awesome. It is probably one of the most useful things in our house. Anyway, moving on…

The secure locking ring means extra security, the ring and foot grips hold well to most surfaces and the mounting is adaptable to hold a digital SLR lens or tripod head. It is light, portable and totally cool. What an ace Christmas gift…

Thanks to AlanK at HUKD!

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