Dolly Parton Christmas Tree Topper From £4.50 @ Etsy

Dolly's here to brighten up 2020!
Dolly Parton Christmas Tree Topper From £4.50 @ Etsy

Ok so we all know that it's not Christmas without a bit of Dolly Parton! She even has a brand new Netflix Christmas movie to save 2020! Well I have found just the thing to give us all a bit of Christmas cheer after a dreadful year. A Dolly Parton Christmas Angel for the top of our tree!

This fabulous Christmas 'essential' (yes I went there!) is sold via Etsy seller TinSoldierShop. If Dolly isn't your bag (shocked face) then there's more Christmas designs to choose from here.

This Christmas angel is a traditional design, like the homemade ones we had as kids. It doesn't come ready made, you have to cut it out yourself and then fold it round to make Dolly's skirt. It's a great idea if you are looking for an angel for your tree that isn't too heavy.

There are a few different styles to choose from. Opt for yellow wings, small is £4.50 or large is £6.50, or how about glitter wings, small is £6.50 and large is £8. Or go all out and opt for Dolly to have foil wings at £6.50 for a small set. Just make your selection in the drop down box.

Home delivery is an additional £2.50. This is going to become a timeless decoration, definitely one to pass onto the grandkids!


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