Disney Infinity Characters Two For £20 @ ASDA

ASDA has a very nice special offer running at the moment for the Disney Infinity range of characters that should make a difference to your Christmas gift budget if you have a kid into this game! They are on sale for £12 each or two for £20, which is a neat little saving.

Disney Infinity has its flaws. It is very buggy, constantly needs rebooting, has weird sound issues and, for reasons I still fail to understand, has only created three, THREE, female characters for girls to play. A ridiculous and unbelievably sexist decision in light of how many girls enjoy the game. Don’t even get me started on the idiot at the shop who told me that girls don’t play games because his stock of Sims hadn’t sold for weeks. Seriously?

Anyway, here is a range of Disney Infinity characters to slip in Christmas stockings or under the tree for a nice little price saving of £4 on two.

Thanks to quadkon at HUKD!


  • 2for10pounds
    "Disney Infinity Characters Two For £10 @ ASDA" 2 for £10, where?!
  • kimbo_frog
    sorry your title is incorrect...its not 2 for £10 :(
  • emmajk42
    Apologies for the number typo folks, fixed up now. Sorry!

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