Creepy Crawly Christmas Dinner £12 @ Hawkin's Bazaar

Insect Xmas Dinner £12 Hawkin's Bazaar

We all live or work with a joker. You know the sort of person that jumps out at you or puts salt in your coffee. Now is your chance to repay them. Instead of buying them something pretty or nice, get them this I'm a Celebrity Creepy Crawly Christmas Dinner. Better still, serve it to them on Christmas Day. It's £12 from Hawkin's Bazaar, which is the cheapest we could find and I reckon it's worth every penny to see the look on the recipient's face.

My kids LOVE all things gross so I suspect they would make some kind of fun game out of this, which would probably involve me having to eat some too.

What do you get in the I'm a Celebrity Creepy Crawly Christmas Dinner? Turkey flavoured Crickets, Christmas Pudding flavoured Mealworms, Chocolate flavoured Ants and a Mulled Wine Ant Lollipop. Mmmm!

Those who were fixated to this year's I'm a Celebrity will no doubt lap this up. It's a good novelty for adults to pull out when the drinks are flowing too.

You can Click and Collect it for FREE from a Hawkin's Bazaar store or pay £2.50 to have it delivered.

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