Corner-Wall Christmas Tree £45 @ Home Essentials

A space-saving solution for busy rooms!
Corner-Wall Christmas Tree £45 @ Home Essentials

Now I've seen half trees that fit flat against the wall, I've seen half trees with the bottom missing to make room for presents, but I've never seen one of these - it's a Corner-Wall Tree meaning you can use ii flat against a wall or in a corner! It's on pre-order now at Home Essentials for just £45 and we think it's brilliant.

This fabulous artificial half tree is dual purpose, as it can be used in a corner or half against the wall so you get the benefit of a tree without needing all the space.

We always pop our tree in a corner, but it takes up so much room still, and this means I won't have to move all the furniture round to make room for it! I'm seriously impressed!

It stands 200cm tall, so that's around 6 1/2 feet, has a folding metal stand, and is for indoor use only.

Order now and your tree will be delivered between the 4th and 21st November, so in plenty of time for all but the most early of tree-displayers. Delivery costs £3.50.


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