Christmas Shop Now Open @ The Range

Christmas Shop Now Open @ The Range

Every year I take my little girl to The Range to view the Christmas shop, I can never get over how many amazing Christmas items they have and what a bargain they are too!

The Range's Christmas Shop is now open, hurry before all the best bits sell out!

I love their range of Christmas Decorations*. This Flying Reindeer Advent Calendar* is just £10.99. The reindeer has lots of little numbered hessian sacks hanging from him, perfect for adding little gifts into. This Merry Christmas Advent House* is a great idea, it is a fabric style, great for hanging on the back of a door or wall. It's a bargain at just £6.99.

There's plenty of Christmas Lights* to decorate the house with. How cute is this Penguin Ornament*?! It comes with LED lights and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It's a bargain at just £12.99.

If you need a new tree then you are sure to find one here*. This Knightsbridge Berry and Cone Christmas Tree* is super cute at 60cm for just £9.99.

Home delivery starts from £3.95

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  • Rachael C.

    we'll have to take a trip to the Range soon x

    • Lisa C.

      Ooooo yesssss!! We do like a bit of chrimbo Range:santa_tone2::laughing:x

  • Wendy's B.

    Yay,we will have to go!xx

  • Stephannie L.

    look at those pillows!! I want Christmas pilows!!!!

    • Stephannie L.

      The old fashioned christmass ones!!!

  • Sam L.

    Wow get some! :scream::joy::scream:

  • Lisa W.

    Can't wait :santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Amy H.

    Yes!!!!! Love the range, lets go x

  • Linda A.

    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a look lol x

  • Laura-Ann M.

    I am desperate to go! :santa::snowman::christmas_tree: xxx

  • Megan T.

    Aaaa!!!! I love it :santa_tone1::christmas_tree::snowman2::snowflake: xxx

  • Lynsay C.

    NO guess where I'm going tomorrow

  • Sara-Jane B.

    I think this is something we need to address immediately.....

  • Mairi R.

    Might be worth a visit in the holidays :)

  • Gaby K.

    Oh my god, I swear I was looking at these vans this morning the range, 12.99!!! But I was too tight to buy 2 so left it for now :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Leah S.

    Does anyone please know if the range do any discounts/flash sales in the lead up to xmas? Xxx

  • Donna G.

    Iv never been to the range, defo!!! How exciting! Xx

  • Teresa H.

    Oh no, I want those cushions.x

  • Fee H.

    We need to arrange Christmas shopping day :santa_tone1::christmas_tree::santa_tone1::christmas_tree:Xx

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