Choc Plus Hot Chocolate & Orange 140g Pouch £2.45 @ Amazon

Enough for the whole family!
Choc Plus Hot Chocolate & Orange 140g Pouch £2.45 @ Amazon

I am not a big fan of powdered hot chocolate in comparison to the drops you melt into hot milk. They taste so velvety and luxurious. That's why I've grabbed this Choc Plus Hot Chocolate & Orange 140g Pouch for just £2.45 from Amazon. With Prime membership it'll come in time for Christmas Eve.

Choc Plus Hot Chocolate & Orange

What I am most impressed with about this Choc Plus Hot Chocolate & Orange is that it's a 140g pouch at just £2.45. That's enough for the whole family. That puts it on par price-wise with the powdered stuff.

To be honest, I'd expect to pay nearer to a fiver for something like this in the shops, with it's milk chocolate drops and orange pieces.

Melt it into warm milk for a hot, creamy, chocolate orange drink that's perfect for the festive season.

If you're doing a family Christmas Eve box then this is ideal, as you'll get seven mugs of hot chocolate out of this. Also, super for replenishing the Hot Chocolate Station.

You may have noticed that this hasn't got a good star rating on Amazon, but that's not down to the product itself but because they had previously mentioned it came with a tin, which it does not.

Our Amazon Shop is just fantastic for those last minute bits and bobs for Christmas!*

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