Boots Gift Of The Week 2018

Boots Gift Of The Week 2018

It's that time of year where you get to enjoy the Boots Gift Of The Week. Each week, the high street giant launches one or more Christmas gift items and they slash them down in price. It generally means they aren't part of the '3 for 2' promotion that Boots also runs at this time of year, but with some Star Gifts 'better than half price', who cares?!

This Week's Star Gifts

For this week from Friday 5th October*:

When does Boots Star Gift Start?

The first Boots Star Gift of 2018 started Friday 28th September and was the Millie Mackintosh Exclusively Yours* and it was £20, instead of £40. Star Gifts will be available weekly from now until December.

When does the Boots Star Gift Change?

The Boots Star Gift usually runs from Friday and changes to a new selection on the following Thursday, thogh this year they have started adding extra ones on a Wednesday too.

What are our Boots Star Gift Predictions for 2018?

We know that in previous years it's the big sets from Ted Baker, Soap & Glory, Benefit and No7 that are included as Star Gifts. Perhaps this Soap & Glory She’s Show Ready! Gift Set* will be one and this Ted Baker Opulent Suite Gift*.

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  • Heidi C.

    looks like they have good some fav things again this year x

  • Cheryl D.

    I'll have this for Christmas please

  • Terri S.

    , the weekend bag is beautiful and looks like an amazing make up set coming up soon too xxx

  • Samantha D.

    Hollie might like this? Xx

  • Lois M.

    the ted baker make up set :heart_eyes:

  • Susan E.

    , Clinique star gift :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Alana M.

    oh that Ted Baker set is very nice!! Just £22.... what a bargain.... xx

  • Joanne H.

    nice ted baker make up set.. bargin xx

  • Holly H.

    - the Clinique one looks good x

  • Alison M.

    Oh I love the Clinique xx

  • Alex N.

    Yeah that does look nice!! Love a good bargain haha

  • Sharon D.

    Ooooo the Clinique set look good! Xx

  • Stacy D.

    I think they are all good! There’s a Yankee set too xx

  • Sharon D.

    Am gonna need to go for a look xx

  • Louise N.

    Ted baker colours look nice! :grimacing:

  • Lorna M.

    Think I might have to treat myself or lay on the heavy hints!!!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Arran E.

    Yea I’d love that one thanks :upside_down:

  • Claire L.

    Ooo may have to add boots to our payday day out :joy::joy:

  • Emma W.

    The Ted Baker one looks really nice for the money x

  • Kath W.

    Ted baker pleeeaaassseee :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Melanie H.

    that perfume I want is this weeks star gift x

  • Gemma R.

    e look at the Sleek one £25:heart_eyes: x

  • Leanne S.

    Oh that looks good, I’ll get one of them! Thank you :blush:

  • Maria B.

    I'm off to boots this morning

  • Gail D.

    I am getting one thanks xx

  • Jean G.

    Waiting for the big ted baker star buy xx

  • Courtney M.

    :raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1: great stocking filler!

  • Alice O.

    Yeah! That deal is cracking!

  • Lee C.

    This benefit one is fab I’ll get Ellie it x

  • Lena V.

    Saw that. Good price, I'm really not keen on that mascara. The lipstick is really good though x

  • Jeanette C.

    I might have to go and get this one! X

  • Moira M.

    Only mascara full size the others are mini . So I am not sure how much a bargain this is x

  • Sharon C.

    Thanks jodie xx there are some treats for

    parents in debs office for you I have left a note

  • Chloe G.

    Already ordered lol :heart::heart:

  • Barbara S.

    Saw it today & didn’t get it I got the Ted Baker one loads of make up star gifts lately xx

  • Chelsea A.

    Oooh gonna get one :relaxed: aww I miss this no one to talk bargains with at work :joy: xx

  • Natalie-Marie K.

    yea can order for you pop in tomoz xxx

  • Katie M.

    It’s nice, seen it today. Also look at the make up too. You get free gifts sets xx

  • Jackie R.

    This is great! I’ll try n get one for Rebecca xx :two_hearts:

  • Maria D.

    Saw that earlier such a bargain

  • Jaz G.

    Omg I'm going to boots Xxx

  • Jaz G.

    I got them with my birthday money Xx

  • Sara J.

    Oooh! Might treat myself! X

  • Abby B.

    Oh no Guna have a nosey on Friday

  • Catherine H.

    I love the smoothie star body milk smells beaut!!

  • Nicole R.

    Yes!!!! I love it so much:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Gemma W.

    I'm gonna get it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sam S.

    Are they doing a no7 set this year or have I missed it??

    • Sarah S.

      Are they not normally the after the soap and glory one? I’m waiting on that one too! :blush:

  • Hannah K.

    Looks good this year :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Jenn W.

    Thanks! This is the one I want to buy :grin:x

  • Laura H.

    I’m so excited :relaxed: xx

  • Beckie K.

    I got the calender, is fab

  • Jenny R.

    Arghhh! Thanks for the heads up :clap_tone1:

  • Ashleigh B.

    Oh I love it! Is it bad to buy it for myself right before Christmas? Lol. Xx

  • Emma M.

    Good job I’m in town tomorrow!!!

  • Kim C.

    Am giving it a miss this year I’ll get more from lush xxx

  • CClaire M.

    Never bought one of the gift sets before but wondering if there actually worth the money??

    • Vicki B.

      Yes deffo.the butter cream is £10 alone.

  • Amy' D.

    Is it bad to buy this for myself? X

  • Amy' D.

    Ah well I’ll have to keep an eye out x

  • Charlotte J.

    Not going bother this year , I still got lods left lol x

  • Sara M.

    Still got last years! :joy:

  • Emma D.

    No not this year x I never used last years do don't think it's worth it for me x

  • Adele G.

    It was the advent calendar she wanted :see_no_evil:but if she sees this she would want it! But I’m done, spent far too much in them :scream: xx

  • Aimee G.

    your right, I love stuff like this!!:heart_eyes:x

  • Becci T.

    This is like, the highlight of my year :heart_eyes::heart:

  • Stacey H.

    Will be getting that in morning xx

  • Donna B.

    Saw it online early hours this morning

  • Vicki B.

    Got mine first thing this morning £27 had a voucher thanks boots :thumbsup: Unfortunately it’s gotta go away to Santa lol

  • Ruthie M.

    Yes I'm hoping Santa will bring me the right one this year xx

  • Jane F.

    Doubt it. Had a look at it today, looks lovely.

  • Lyndsey M.

    I'm poor at the moment :joy: xxxxxx

  • Danielle P.

    This is loads smaller than last years, still a bargain though as the moisturisers are £25 each to buy

  • Tom S.

    I would like plenty of things x

  • Tracey E.

    Ooooooooo :smiley: . I missed out on the advent calendar but this is just as good ! Xx

  • Marie D.

    Cheers will show Adam :kissing_heart:

  • Kimbobly M.

    it’s star gift time !!!! :star:

  • Sian S.

    they had these in bury today ...this set actually looks.lovely xx

  • Isabel S.


  • Leanne H.

    Oh that does look nice xxxx

  • Maria A.

    Affys gona start from this Friday we saw this that day but i dint want it

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