Asda Launches A Foot Long Chocolate & Caramel Eclair For Christmas!

The perfect Christmas dessert!
Asda Launches A Foot Long Chocolate & Caramel Eclair For Christmas!

Ever have a chocolate eclair and feel that one is just not enough? Asda have solved our small cake issues, as they are launching a Foot Long Eclair in time for Christmas!

This gigantic pastry treat is in Asda stores so you can enjoy them with all your festive feasts this year, and they will cost just £5 each.

The 12 inch long eclair is made with deliciously light choux pastry, filled with fluffy Belgian chocolate mousse and sticky caramel sauce and topped with a chocolate fondant, plus for an extra festive touch there a drizzling of caramel and gold dusting.

I'm guessing these giant treats are made for sharing, but I'm also betting that I could polish one off myself with no help from anyone. At least I'm willing to give it my best shot.

I'll meet you in Asda, I'm planning on stocking up!


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  • Neil S.

    Tut tut it’s a big no no in Asda. He’s oot the bakery with his apron on & also he’s wearing a fleece! Shock shock horror horror :see_no_evil:

  • Daisy O.

    Ahhh what we gotta wait until the 14th :rage:

    • Levi H.

      That would make ya sick!!

      • Kim D.

        I would still give it a go!

        • Daisy O.

          :joy::joy::joy: one of the above will definitely work x

          • Lauren W.

            Yes :joy::heart::heart::heart:

            • Dana L.

              How greedy are people , I could only eat half of this lol

              • Ray A.

                Yummy. I’m going to have a look at one. X