5ft Space Saving Half Christmas Tree £19.99 @ Very

5ft Space Saving Half Christmas Tree £19.99 @ Very

Why didn't I know these existed? You get Flat Back Christmas Trees that sit flush to your wall. Ideal for those of you with limited floor space. The 5ft Space Saving Half Christmas Tree is reduced to just £19.99 at Very.

The 5ft Space Saving Half Christmas Tree looks like a regular Christmas tree from the front, but it's been designed so that one side can be placed against the wall.

What I like is that you don't need as many decorations too - after all no-one sees the back of the tree anyway, when it's against the wall.

Comes with a folding metal stand, and has hinged branches mean it's easier to store when now in use.

Delivery is £3.99


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  • Danielle N.

    i need this tree! This is even better lol xx

    • Dawn N.

      I need this tree :-) lol , aha xo

      • Bekey C.

        we should get this seeing as we only decorate one side lol

        • Becky H.

          Yeah i saw these! I was tempted x

          • Lindsey L.

            £20 a bargain for half a tree lol xx

            • Michelle T.

              Once decorations are on surely it will topple forwards

              • Bev S.

                I just leave the back branches off .... x

                • Lindsey L.

                  I didn't look how tall it was lol x

                  • Jacky W.

                    That would have been ideal, :flushed:

                    • Charlotte R.

                      That’s a good idea eh :joy:

                      • Lindsey L.

                        Ha ha still time for this year lol it's 5ft ain't it bit small xx

                        • Louise S.

                          Thought it was pretty cool as there's always less on the back of the tree anyway :joy:

                          • Ellz P.

                            ahahah i did contemplate one of thos but there actually really expensive for half a tree, and a ceiling one but i struggle unuf to reach the kitchen cupboards :joy:

                            • Samantha C.

                              Haha see it’s genius!!! Mines up now!

                              • Joanne T.

                                Just bend your branches around same thing lol

                                • James L.

                                  thats why we need it, can't fit a full size one through :laughing:

                                  • Erin P.

                                    Dam I could of done with this haha xxx