50% Off Cases Of Fizz @ Marks And Spencer

50% Off Cases Of Fizz @ Marks And Spencer

It's time to party, thanks to M&S! They have 50% off selected 6 Bottle Cases of Cocktail Fizz and there's are bargains to be had. They were £36 for SIX 750ml Bottles but are now only £18. Keep them to enjoy with the visitors you get over the Festive season or use them to gift to Teacher's, Neighbours or Friends.

Here's what there is to choose from:

If you like classic Bucks Fizz* then you can get them for just £16.50, instead of £22.50. That's works out at just £2.75 a bottle! Nice for that special Christmas Breakfast!

Home delivery costs £3.50, or FREE when you spend £50 or more.


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  • Lucy K.

    your kir royale! 6 bottles for £18!!!

    • Katie J.

      Hmmm I have 22nd to 25th off work, working 26th and then don't start new job till 2nd...that gives me plenty of time off to get through that many bottles lol xx

    • Kerryanne B.

      shame you can't get a mixed box xx

      • Roseanne H.

        Aw do you still get your Buck’s Fizz from m&s great wee bargain for you, thank me later was a roll and a cuppa next week :scream:

        • Vivianne S.

          Aw love ma M & S Bucks Fizz, will nd 2have a wee look next time am in:heart_eyes:x x

        • Nicola M.

          There quite nice had them before x

          • Joanne C.

            Haha we had these at weekend, I think they were about £3 x

            • Trea M.

              I’ll split a case with you :heart_eyes:

              • Lauren O.

                We got 2 bottles on Saturday

                • Michelle M.

                  I think I'll get a case

                  • Sheila H.

                    Luv Kiri royale my mum and me drank it while wrapping pressies xx

                    • Beckie B.

                      The kir royal is unreal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: £3 I’ll be back down there sharpish :runner_tone3:‍♀️

                      • Lauren O.

                        I prob shouldn’t be drinking it :see_no_evil::rolling_eyes:

                        • Jade R.

                          Got 4 more bottles today lol

                          • Gemma H.

                            The kir royale is really nice :grinning:

                            • Catherine P.

                              Yeah... Fill the fridge! Xxx

                              • Toni-Joanna H.

                                kir royal is beauty :grinning::grinning:

                                • Ellie C.

                                  Need to try! Might nip over and get some tmoz:joy::joy::joy:

                                  • Toni-Joanna H.

                                    why is it not payday :pensive::pensive:

                                    • Sarah R.

                                      To go with the choc eclair :joy:

                                      • Sheila H.

                                        Yep no probs and mum could pic me up frm work one day next week and can get em only Goin bac tomoro so don't know if any offers on xx

                                        • Sarah D.

                                          Oh yep that time of year lovely jubbly :thumbsup_tone2::joy: