Sun Cream Bundles £9.99 Delivered @ Aldi

Sun Cream Bundles £9.99 Delivered @ Aldi

The Aldi Lacura Sun Cream rated really well in the Which? sun cream test earlier this year. I know so many of my Mum friends who are now using this on their little ones and swear by it! Sun cream is an essential purchase in the Summer but it is pricey so why not grab one of these Sun Cream Bundles from Aldi for just £9.99!

There are two sun cream bundles available, the Family Bundle* and the Holiday Bundle* both are priced at £9.99 each with free home delivery and both include four products.

The Holiday Sun Cream Bundle includes: Lacura Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30, Lacura Moisturising Aftersun Spray, Lacura Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF15 and Lacura Moisturising Sun Spray SPF30.

The Family Bundle includes: Lacura Moisturising Aftersun Lotion, Lacura Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30, Lacura Extra Sensitive Kids Spray SPF50+ and Lacura Extra Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+.

These bundles are available online only and include free home delivery.


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  • Laura R.

    - we need a couple of these

    • Trudy B.

      great value family pack!

      • Rachel M.

        Lovely, although I don't know when I can get to Aldi :persevere: x

        • Emma B.

          You can order it online as i have just done

          • Trudy B.

            It's free delivery

            • Rachel M.

              :flushed: I didn't know Aldi delivered?! X

              • Trudy B.

                Yeah iv done it before :blush:

                • Rachel M.

                  Sweet! I'll have a butchers x

                  • Rachel M.

                    You can't order food though can you? X

                    • Trudy B.

                      No hun x

                      • Rachel M.

                        I've just ordered the suncream...fabulous :blush: thanks chick x

                        • Kate T.

                          They deliver their special buys. Which is basically everything they have in there that's not food :)

                        • Louise W.

                          this is what they had in Superdrug I'll have to get one x

                          • Cat C.

                            swear by this stuff for Aaron's skin... but can't seem to complete the order

                            • Catherine M.

                              Oh really. Can you buy it anywhere else? X

                              • Cat C.

                                it's Aldi's own brand just prob buncrana nearest but don't know about the bundles instore

                                • Catherine M.

                                  Won't complete order for me too x

                                • Vicky B.

                                  I used the Aldi one in Portugal and found it totally fine for me xx

                                  • Chloe L.

                                    We use this, it's brilliant. Can't recommend it enough.

                                    • Joanne R.

                                      I normally love Aldi products but their sun cream stains everything. I've never had this with any other items.the spray types are the worst :frowning2:

                                      • Kaye W.

                                        Agree! I honestly thought it would wash too, but no!

                                        • Lisa K.

                                          Nivea does too :-(

                                          • Kelly L.

                                            Stained my little girls new white dress but I put some fairy on the stains left over night washed again and its fine now (other creams I've had have stained white things too its the oil base apparently) x

                                            • Cara S.


                                            • Isabel M.

                                              I've read this is fab! I'm going to get both packs!

                                              • Alison K.

                                                I got some last week to try xxxxx

                                                • Catherine S.

                                                  We tried it last year it's not good :neutral_face:

                                                  • Heather J.

                                                    Dan's just said they stain? X

                                                    • Catherine S.

                                                      We tried it last year Heather it was shit you burn with it ask our Emma I only commented because you were on the site xxx

                                                      • Heather J.

                                                        I've bought some Nivea stuff, but was panicking thinking we wouldn't have enough...I'll avoid this now. Thanks Cath xx

                                                        • Catherine S.

                                                          I use niven I swear by it is shop at aldi but there suncream is shit xx

                                                          • Catherine S.