Better Than Half Price Deals On Kids Sun Protection @ Superdrug

Better Than Half Price Deals On Kids Sun Protection @ Superdrug

If you pop over, or into, Superdrug you'll be able to pick up some better than half price deals on kids sun protection.

I got up very early yesterday morning; there was the prospect of a lazy sunny afternoon spent lying in the garden on the cards, so I made sure I had everything done that needed to be and by 2.30pm I was OUT THERE, in the garden in my bikini and loving every second.

Along with my bikini I was wearing sun protection - funny, when I was little I don't remember it being as routine as it is now.  My mum always used to cover us in the stuff, but I had friends who just baked in their bare skin!

The only downside of sun protection can be the cost - for something that we're told everyone should use, you'd think everyone would want to make sure that the price wasn't prohibitive for anyone - not a single, solitary person - as long as you keep your eyes open, and your ears to the proverbial ground, you should never need to pay full whack for your family's sun protection.

I'm confident we've still got plenty of lovely summer sunshine to enjoy before the kids go back to school in next month, so pop over to Superdrug and choose between Ambre Solaire, Nivea and Superdrug's own sun protection.

Happy staying safe in the sun!


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