Lindam Sure Shut Securus Safety Stair Gate 2 for £30 @ Tesco Direct

Lindam Sure Shut Safety Gate 2 for £30

When those little ones start getting mobile safety gates are a must to keep them away from stairs, kitchens and anywhere else they could get into trouble. It's rare to just need one safety gate, so this offer will come in handy. Tesco Direct have Lindam Sure Shut Securus Safety Stair Gate on offer at 2 for £30, when they are £20 individually, so you are saving yourself £10 when you buy two.

These particular gates are exclusive to Tesco so price comparisons can't be made exactly like for like, but safety gates for £15 is a great price.

We have Lindam gates at home for our toddler, and much as I like them this particular model is better than the ones we have. It has a 'push to shut' mechanism so it's not fiddly to close, and that's a vast improvement on my basic model. This model can be set to open in either direction or both so you can set it on doorways or on stairs.

The reviews are really good, with a surprising amount of reviewers having bought these for puppies rather than babies!

You can click and collect for free from Tesco stores if you are buying the 2 for £30 as that is the minimum for free click and collect, however there is an offer on for free home delivery when you spend over £29.99 on Baby and Toddler so you can have them delivered to your home for free.

If you are getting anything else for the baby or toddler from the Tesco Direct website them remember those eCoupons that can save you between £15 and £100 depending on how much you spend.

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