FREE 'Be Dog Smart' Safety Workshops For Parents & Children With Dogs Trust

FREE Dog Safety Workshops

Is your child scared or apprehensive around dogs? There are workshops ran by the Dogs Trust that can help your little one through that. They are completely FREE of charge, and can really help, especially if a family member has a pet dog or your child is around them frequently. Is you don't fancy it, then there's some fantastic tips from the Dogs Trust, here.

Dogs Trust run the FREE 'Be Dog Smart' Safety Workshops from their Centres. There are 24 different locations across the United Kingdom, so chances are there's one not too far from you.

Just click on the region, that is nearest to you and you'll see who covers the area. Fill in the visit request form and someone will get back to you. Be sure to mention the 'Be Dog Smart' Safety Workshop, and with the view of holding a workshop at a local school, library, community centre or other suitable location.

Your local Dogs Trust Educational Officer will explain everything about the course and what to expect.

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